Your Product Launch Story: 3 Proven Structures

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The backbone of your product launch is your launch story which, contrary to popular belief, may be about you but not necessarily.


It could just as easily be about your existing clients or a good friend.


In telling their story, you should also be telling your avatar’s story too. You have to empathize with your prospects in the language that seem natural to them and, in effect, mirror the conversation that is going on inside their heads.


The battle between the positive voice and the negative one that is constantly banging on about how it’s best not to stand up and be counted. Best to keep your head down and be one of the crowd.


There are 3 proven structures that you can use

1. Hometown Boy Makes Good


2. The Reluctant Hero


3. The Common Enemy


Your aim is to help that positive voice win the argument by grinding away at the pain points and then by showing that life does not have to go on being so miserable and horrid. That you have been able to help your clients or your good friend overcome the challenges and show how they are now living a life full of sunlight and fun


Proving that you can help others get what they want and then doing so will help you get what you want.


Your launch story has first to resonate with your audience. Then engage them in you product launch events. And finally, turn the networkers amongst them into advocates for your expert status. Being seen as a trusted adviser will ensure product launch success.


And another thing


You may be able to sit down and dash off a quick story outline but you need to verify your ideas. That’s why you should always start with a small internal product launch. You can focus¬† your ideas. Discover objections¬† that you hadn’t thought of. Optimize your sales funnel. Test copy and much much more.


Plays don’t go straight on the stage in London’s West End or New York’s Broadway. They get worked up over a period of months in small play houses to even smaller audiences until they push all the right buttons and have audiences raving about them


Your product launch is just the same. Your launch story is the same.


Take time to get them right before going for the big time


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