Your Next Product Launch Will Flop If You Don’t Do This – I Guarantee

Product Launch Storytelling



I’m assuming here that you have chosen your particular niche for a reason that runs just a little deeper than your desire to earn a few dollars. Your market is something that interests you. In fact, you may well have a passion for that particular hobby, craft or business. It’ll certainly make your first product launch a lot easier.


So its odds on that you can identify with your core customers in some way already. That’s a good start.


When it comes to product launch marketing, one of the huge benefits of an appealing story is that it resonates and builds an emotional bond between you and each individual prospect. You are talking their language; parroting their phraseology; pushing their hot buttons; and empathising with their pains and frustrations. You are listening to their conversations and becoming one of the crowd


This is powerful stuff


You are being friendly, establishing trust and building your authority all at the same time


Remember that we all first make an emotional decision to buy and then later justify that decision by using logic. So building a strong emotional bond should be one of the central planks of your product marketing strategy. Your prospects must like you as a person. They must see you as a credible authority. And They must trust you


If this is not part of your product launch marketing strategy, you’re making a big mistake


Sad to say but storytelling is one of the true lost arts of the digital age. For centuries, people have relied on storytellers to provide them with news, information, and entertainment. In the 20th century that ancient art was eroded by mass communications, and now, with so many competing sources at our fingertips. People have forgotten how important and powerful the art form of telling stories can truly be.


Now as we sit round our digital campfires, AKA our computer screens, the few master storytellers that still exist also entertain us as they sell to us. Not overtly of course, but by providing valuable content embedded with a series of mental triggers that engage us and lead us to want to reciprocate.


Warning: If you do not entertain your prospects and endear yourself to them during your product launch, there is something seriously wrong with your core myth.


As a product owner or publisher, Its time you woke up to the fact that unless you just want to be just another me-too marketer in your niche you will need to consider whether you’d hire yourself to manage your product launch.  After all, your future success depends on it!


Find out how we can help to get your new product launch ready. In fact, it would be a good plan to find out what’s in it for you too!


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Rory Ramsden