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I have spoken about the importance of story telling in your product launch marketing strategy before. But I have not given you a structure in which to work. So here goes…

The fact is that we all love a good story. After all, story telling is the basis for gossip and gossip can go viral very quickly as we all know.

You just have to live in a small community to really have that brought home to you. Take me for instance, I used to live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands where I ran a small business. The island was only 5 miles by 3 but had 50,000 people living on it. That was a few years ago. There are more now. It was absolutely pointless to promote the business by advertising – word of mouth did all the promotion that I needed to have a healthy bottom line.

On the web, we can find those small communities. Your niche is a community. It may have members scattered all over the world but it is still a community and obeys all the rules that I discovered living on a small island in the English Channel.

The trick is to give your launch story an over-arching structure so let’s look at the essential ingredients.

Probably the best structure to use is the classic, known as the ‘ hero’s journey‘. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ is a perfect example. Frodo Baggins who is leading a quite life in the shire inherits a ring from Bilbo. Gandalf tells him he has to take it far away and destroy it. He sets off on a long and perilous journey constantly set about with danger and desperate moments of fear and near death experiences. It is the story of the fight of good against evil in which our hero finally returns home in triumph having been helped in his hour of need by the unexpected saviour, Aragorn, a brave knight – You can read a synopsis of the story here

Story telling like this resonates with your audience and, if used in your product launch marketing strategy really engages people in your launch conversation. So picture this wonderful story in your head when thinking about your product  launch story.

Let’s run through it…

First you need to empathise with ‘your people’ – the core market – Your first sentence should let them know that you are only too well aware of  how they feel, the problems they face and the frustrations they are challenged by every day. In fact, you are able to ‘feel their pain’ so well because you have been through what they are going through, right now.

Second, move on to rehearsing the 3 major frustrations that you have identified during your market research. Remember you are writing to your avatar. That composite image you created and pinned above your computer screen that represents the major traits of the people in your niche. It is important to use the language and phrasing that they use too.

The hobbits had a special language. Terminology and phrases that only they would understand. One hobbit speaking to another would have been speaking a foreign language to any casual visitor. The same is probably true of your niche too, so be sure to ‘speak’  the right language.

Third move on to explain those challenges and frustrations again and how you struggled to overcome them and how you even considered giving up altogether until by chance you found this system – your product – that changed your life with the help of an unexpected friend you met along the way.

Then explain how you did not really want to publicize it but your friends – the ones you helped with this very same system – insisted that you must… That you were being selfish by keeping it to yourself. So reluctantly, you have decided to launch your new product for the first and probably the only time to a strictly limited number of people

Now is the time to use ‘scarcity’ for the first time…

This is the moment to start talking about the wonderful benefits that your system produces – benefits are emotional, features are characteristics – and how virtually anyone can use it to get those same benefits. This is the perfect moment to give your prospects an example of someone who has done so or indeed an example of a major brand that uses a very similar system.

The more layers of proof that you can introduce into your product launch marketing tactics, the better

Finally, you start talking about your overwhelming offer. It’s important to bundle as much value into your launch story as possible and tie it back to those challenges and frustration so the whole offer is in conext.

I’ll go into the creation of your offer in a future post but for the moment, please take 2 minutes to complete this super quick survey so that I can more easily target my posts to explaining how you can overcome the challenges you are facing on your very own ‘heroes journey’.


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