Would You Eat This Dog Food ?

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You might imagine that you know exactly what your prospects want, talk about and are interested in. But can you put yourself in their shoes and be them for a few minutes?

In an ideal world, you could. In reality you would be filtering everything through your own life time experiences and possibly coming up with a completely different decision.

That’s why , before you do your first product launch, it is important to get some real feedback from your core market. You can do this in 2 ways

  1. Ask them to complete a survey
  2. Pick up the phone and Ask your questions one-on-one

By doing this, you will be able to fill out the vision you have of your ideal client. You will be able to connect with him or her more completely.

Don’t do this once. Repeat the process after each product launch you do to check that you are both speaking the same language and that, in particular, you are addressing the right issues effectively.

This will ensure your launch story resonates and engages your core market. The core of any product launch is the story.  Stories engage people. They are parables. They tell of the fears and frustrations that challenge your prospects every day. They hook people in and give you time to build a relationship.

That’s why I ask… Would you eat this dog food?

It is the classical reality check.

If you would, it means that your product launch marketing strategy is focused and ‘on message’

If you wouldn’t, get out your pen and paper and start work. But before you do, jump on the phone and speak to a few of your best clients. They will be flattered that you care enough to ask their opinion. As a consequence they are likely to answer your questions openly and honestly.

So if you want to boost your long term customer value, make sure that you’re happy to eat the dog food…

Need help? Not sure what the next step is? Give me a call and we’ll discuss where you should go from here… It won’t cost you a dime !


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Rory Ramsden