Why You Must Start an Argument With Your Prospects

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Furious Argument


Your product launch success depends on you zeroing in on the hyper pain point standing between your avatar and a life of enjoyment and fun.


The only way your core audience can truly understand that you are one of them, that you feel their pain and that you have a proven system for crushing it quickly and easily is through your product launch story.


The best way to make sure that it is fit for purpose is to start an imaginary  argument with your prospects. It’s the only way to drill down and tightly focus on your prospect’s real pain points. It’s the only way to challenge some or all of the assumptions you have made.


So here are 8 questions to get you started…


#1. What is the problem/challenge your prospects face?


#2. Is it a real problem ?


#3. Why do they have that problem ?


#4. What would life be like if the problem went away ?


#5. What current behaviors are causing the problem ?


#6. Is your product/offer congruent with these arguments ?


#7. How many layers of proof support this ?


#8. Is Your argument for them buying the product airtight ?


Spend time on each question


Keep asking ‘Why‘ to each  answer you give until you get down to the real answer.  The first few will probably be superficial. They will be masking the real belief. It’s important that you break through the layers of  superficiality until you get to the core problem or answer.


WARNING: Brainstorming like this may results in answers that surprise you. You may find that your beloved launch story needs completely re-engineering. I mean, some or all of the right features/benefits may be there but not in the right order or even approached from the correct perspective.


In short, your product launch story or core myth may only be a camel when you were under the fond illusion that it was a Kentucky Derby winner.


Before you go charging ahead with your rewrite, take the time to check how close you are to the truth by picking up the phone and asking your best clients. You have to be sure that you have your finger is on the center of their pain point.


Only then, will your avatar know that you understand him. Only then, will you be able to conjure up a crushing offer. Only then, will you have a product launch parachute.


Dialing your product launch story right in like this is the difference between success and failure…



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Rory Ramsden