Storytelling Boosts Your Open Rates

frank kern

Storytelling is Crucial


When it comes to product launch marketing, one of the huge benefits of a well told story is that people can remember not only the story but the point that you made . By Telling a story you make a better emotional connection with your prospects than by using any other form of marketing.


People first make an emotional decision to buy and then later justify that decision by using logic. So building a strong emotional bond with your market is key. They must like you as a person. They must see you as a credible authority.


Sadly, storytelling is one of the true lost arts of the digital age. For years, people have relied on storytellers to provide them with news, information, and entertainment. Now, with so many sources of information at our fingertips, the few stories we are entertained by are played out on screens of varying sizes. People have forgotten how important and powerful the art form of telling stories can truly be.


If you look at history, you will find that stories helped pass knowledge, experience and tradition from one generation to the next. Storytellers entertained and enthralled listeners around campfires. These people learned quicker and in a more meaningful way through being entertained whilst being informed.


Now as we sit round our digital campfires, AKA our computer screens, listening to master storytellers like Frank Kern, we are not just being entertained buy also being lead to reciprocate through the use of  a series of mental triggers. Frank may want you to believe that he is just some out-of-shape surf bum but that self deprecating humor is disarming too and helps to ‘open’ you up.


Another master marketer who uses storytelling to the best effect is Jeff Walker. He disarms his audience with his candor and quiet like-ability. His audience readily opens up to him as if he was a personal friend. Delivering the launch marketing message through storytelling is therefore much easier. His audience is receptive and wants to know more. His next e-mail is almost pounced upon.


What are your open rates like?


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