Storytelling: Claude Hopkins Transforms Schlitz Beer’s Value Proposition

This is a famous story about Claude Hopkins, the father of marketing, who, in 1919, was hired by Schlitz beer to create an ad that would save the company. Schlitz beer was tanking. The company was nearly bankrupt. Beer sales were dismal. Market share was through the floor. Just 15th in terms of sales.

Hopkins insisted on making the trip to Wisconsin to visit the brewery. Like any good product launch manager he had to reveal Schlitz beer’s hidden assets. He wanted to know what if anything made their beer remarkable. It was impossible to tell an engaging story without knowing every detail of how the product was made. What incredible values the company gave its beer.  Claude Hopkins was looking for an inspiring ‘hook’ with which to transform the market’s perception of Schlitz beer.

He was amazed at what he found. The Wisconsin executives saw nothing exceptional in their brewing methods. They had lived with them every day for as long as they could remember.

They saw nothing different in how their deep drilled wells gave the purest water; nothing different in how their glass enclosed rooms stopped contaminates leeching into it; nothing different in how their bottles were cleaned, re-cleaned, and sanitized a dozen times; and nothing different in the kind of yeast they used or where they got it.

“That’s amazing” Hopkins cried “Why haven’t your advertising people told the world about this truly remarkable brewing process?”

The Schlitz executives shrugged and said “Our competitors use virtually the same process for their beer too”

“May be…” replied Hopkins “but no-one has told the market.  We’ll be the first ones.  The beer drinking public will see Schlitz beer’s offering as something truly remarkable!”

Just 6 months later, Schlitz was the #1 selling beer in the country.

So how does all this apply to you the publisher of a digital product?

The value of a fresh pair of eyes
The first and most obvious is that Claude Hopkins was an inspired product launch manager. As a fresh pair of eyes he was able to see something truly remarkable that the Schlitz beer executives thought mundane and normal.  Not even their own marketing department had picked up on it.

Create A Crushing Offer and an engaging story
Despite all the time and effort that went into the creation of the product, it was as nothing without the crushing offer and the engaging story seen by Claude Hopkins. 80% of your time should be spent on the offer and the story. It may well be that you have worked so hard and so well and with such focus on your product that you too will not be able to see the  true value that you have to offer and the best way to create your crushing offer.

Storytelling engages the market
Claude was able to engage the market with a wonderful story telling of the time and care that Schlitz went to to brew really special beer for their customers. The market reciprocated immediately. They understoood the Schlitz value proposition. Their USP became their customers’ UBA. The idea that had started in the head of Schlitz beer Avatar was completely transferred  to their customers.

Re-launching an existing product
Yo don’t have to have a new product to have a successful product launch. Claude Hopkins turned a failing beer into a crushing offer and transformed its prospects in 6 months. Today that same process could take just 4 weeks. With our help what you may have conceived as a ‘big bang’ product launch could be turned into the ‘rolling thunder’ of multiple launches that will take your business to a new level.

Sadly, not every business or product is ready for the level of inspired launch marketing that Claude Hopkins was able to deliver but if you want to know more, take 5  minutes to tell us why you and your product really are different. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.



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