Resonance, Reciprocity, Proof and A Great Story

Resonance, Reciprocity, Proof and a Great Story

Resonance, Reciprocity, Proof and a Great Story



There’s no doubt about it. When you do a product launch – whether it be for a new product or an evergreen best seller – you will ramp up the sales in your business beyond you wildest dreams.



Of course, that is easier said than done.  There are a lot of moving parts in a successful product launch but the steps are pretty straight forward. It’s just a matter of following a proven system.



Here are the 4 key ingredients


Step #1: Resonance – Know the pain points and the desires of your core audience and you will create an overwhelming offer that is laser focused on what matters most to them. Express their attitudes in the language that they expect and they will feel they are listening to a friend.



Step #2: Reciprocity – The best way to get what you want is to make sure that others get what they want first. Help your core audience achieve their goals and they will be forever in your debt spurring the wish to reciprocate in any way they can.



Step #3 – Proof – There are 21 different types of proof. From social proof to track record to testimonial and on. You don’t have to use them all. But be sure that if you don’t provide enough proof that you are the expert authority in your niche, your launch will surely go off like a bottle rocket.



Step #4 – A Great Story – Put all this together in a launch story that tells of the struggles of the reluctant hero or the local boy made good and you will have a theme for your product launch that will run through  it like a golden thread leading straight to your bank account


Focus on these four elements and the rest will follow.



The excitement, the buzz, the anticipation and the success of your product launch all flow from these



So spend all the time you need drilling down in your niche until you strike pay-dirt. This is when you know your prospects better than they know their nearest and dearest.  When you can express their thoughts in the language they use with their buddies. When you can instinctively discuss their favorite TV shows or games with them.


This is when you can read their minds because you can intuitively join the conversation going on inside their heads.


This is the bedrock of your product launch. The guarantee that it will fulfill its promise.


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Rory Ramsden