Raving Fans Can Be Worth 5 Times more…

The Power of Personal Recommendation
The Power of Personal Recommendation


Your product launch will earn you a group of raving fans. These can be worth 5 times more than a “regular” customer



What could be better than that ?

Well for one thing, they could tell their friends all about you and your product or service and they will become raving fans too


Raving fans are a special kind of customer


They want to hand you money


They want to buy lots of stuff from you


They are far more loyal than the average customer


They feel more connected to you, and look forward to hearing from you. (Instead of just deleting your emails.)


The bottom line?


Raving fans will be your champion. And help your online business prosper


If you’re ready to see how you can attract more of them then you’re ready to start preparing for your first product launch


Product launches collect customers advocates for your brand because a product launch connects you to your core market through the power of your launch story or core myth


This is not about you. It’s about the struggles that your avatar is facing. It’s about that conversation that goes on inside his head when he wakes at 0400hrs in the morning in a cold sweat. It plays on those negative vibes buzzing round his head but gives him hope that there is a better way. That his problems have a solution.


You show him examples of how others just like him have overcome their difficulties and succeeded in transforming their lives for the better


Your product launch story resonates in your audience’s mind. Long after they shut down their computers and go to bed, they cannot forget it. Your launch story becomes part of that inner conversation at 4 in the morning


The next time they receive an email from you, they open it eager to get your next piece of news


This is how you could turn people in your niche into long term customers who swear by you and your business


A product launch works in any market online, offline or somewhere in between you can put this product marketing strategy to work for you and see your business transformed


Be warned: Even your most loyal clients could leave you if you fail to offer them other products to buy. A one legged business is bound to fail


Have you experienced the power of customer referral? It’s probably the most effective marketing you can get. Leave a comment below and tell us about your success…



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Rory Ramsden