Product Launch: Put These 5 Key Elements in Your Marketing Strategy

Product Launch Ready

Launch Ready


There are plenty of people out there who want to tell you how your product launch marketing strategy should be. Most of them want your money before all else. That’s not how we roll…


We are keen to see you getting yourself and your product launch ready.


Here are 5 key elements that to include in your product launch marketing plan. Make sure they are or you will live to regret it.


#1. Identify and Validate Your Target Market


First and foremost,  your launch plan has to identify your target market accurately. It shouldn’t just zone in on your potential buyers. It should identify them in the same way that a sniper aims at his target using a laser site. Marketing a crochet craft business program to out-of-work steelworkers is a waste of time… unless of course, they’re all avid crocheters 🙂


#2. Your Compelling Offer


Your launch plan has to include a compelling offer with killer bonuses that add value to the overall package. Just loading it down with off the shelf re-purposed PLR products won’t cut the mustard.


#3. Your Launch Story


Your launch story is the glue that holds the different elements of your product launch together. The message you give is the response you get. Yours has to resonate with your core buyers. It’s not about you or even about your product, it’s about your prospects and the challenges they face, their hopes and dreams and the attitudes they have. It’s a three act play


It’s about the journey, the struggles that you have faced and overcome and what you have learned in the process. It is the story of your avatar’s life and how it can be so much better. Remember that your prospects are in a ‘dark’ place. Frustrated by their lack of success and convinced that there is no salvation. Your job is to lead them to the light…


#4. Moving the Free-Line


Trust or rather the lack of it is THE main reason why people won’t buy from you. Fewer than one in three people trust marketing messages, according to Edelman Digital’s annual survey of trust. That’s a pretty dismal number.


That’s the beauty of a product launch, it takes the time to build rapport. You have the time to move the free-line and help your customers start achieving a long held ambition. Paying it forward like this, builds your credibility and your expert adviser status. Your prospects are convinced by the results they get for themselves. Use this tactic successfully and you will boost excitement and expectation… AND your revenues


#5. Product Launch Systems


Putting together a blistering launch sequence that delivers an uber responsive list of prospects is one thing. Ensuring that your existing business systems can support the unique load put upon them by a super successful product launch marketing strategy is quite another.


Remember that this is not just a technical issue. It’s mainly a people one. And they don’t all work for your company either. There are many other people with whom you have to build your credibility before you can go for that blockbuster launch you always dreamed of.


Bottom line: No one will forgive you if your server melts in the first hour after your cart opens. It’s not cool. It’s not clever. It causes chaos with your customer support. It costs you tons of money. And most importantly of all it blows your credibility right out of the window.


Ultimately, you may feel that your product launch is your responsibility but consider this, your product launch manager may never work again if he does not deliver on his promises.


You certainly will not give him a testimonial and your friends will all know who blew it because you will have no hesitation in telling them.


As a product owner or publisher, you may be overwhelmed with all the moving parts that your product launch should include. There’s a mountain of copy to write. Email sequence upon email sequence to craft. All that tech stuff to perfect. And then there’s the question of social media marketing and even mobile. Should you build an App?


Play to your strengths. Hire a specialist to help you reach your marketing objectives by doing a product launch. Getting your product to the launch-pad is the first objective. Find out what’s in it for you


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Rory Ramsden