Product Launch: Identify a Common Enemy

Product Launch Common Enemy

Common Enemy


Introducing an antagonist into your product launch story is a sure way for you to join your audience in the fight against a common enemy. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them in this way ensures that you will become one of the crowd and be seen as a friend. This works particularly well when you want to do a quick launch or ‘Fire Sale’


Everyone knows that unexpected things happen in life almost every day. Some of these can really hit your wallet hard. We all do our best to put some cash aside to get over these bumps in the road but some are bigger than others.


The tax man may drop an unexpectedly large demand on you at that time of year… The IRS is a common enemy that all of your prospects have to deal with.


So when those brown envelopes – all tax authorities seem to use that color – are dropping onto peoples door mats round the country is the perfect time to do a quick product launch… Plus you have a genuine reason to set a deadline. It’s built in to the tax demand.


Create a bundle of products that you have never previously sold together and sell them for a very special price. This could be higher than you have ever dared go before…


Say your normal offer price range is between $25 and $47. If you bundled 5 of these together and ‘gave’ them away in your fire sale for between $67 and $127, you would be selling at an amazing discount and still be getting more for each unit than you had ever achieved before.


The reason for this largesse ? The taxman who everyone loves to hate…


Other unexpected financial dramas could include your son returning your ignition keys and a pile of twisted metal instead of your car. Your daughter announcing out of the blue that she wants to get married and your wife insisting that now would be perfect to take that trip of a lifetime.


Just make sure that the reason you use is genuine. Your product launch will not ring true if it’s not and your customers will be the first to sense that…



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Rory Ramsden