Product Launch Formula: The Accidental Entrepreneur

When you’re doing a new product launch or indeed a launch for an evergreen product, one of the most important skills you possess is your ability to tell stories. This allows you to engage with your prospects and start the launch conversation on your launch blog.

If you haven’t checked out Jeff Walker’s launch of Product Launch Formula 3.0, you should because his second video tells the story of the accidental entrepreneur. Now I won’t spoil it by telling who that is and what happened but I will say that if your new product launch does not have a strong launch story which engages your prospects, stop it now… because you’re probably in for a product launch disaster no matter how big your “product launch parachute”.

Brainstorm until you come up with one. It’s got to be one that actually reflects your prospects
story too. It could start with the phrase “I’m a lot like you because….” and then go on to explain why. if you have done your market research well, this will not be hard because you will be able to see the world through the eyes of your core market and use the language that they do.

Once you have engaged your prospects with a strong story you can start rolling out your horizontal sales letter. This another technique that Jeff refers to often in the Product Launch Formula. The beauty of taking that old long copy sales letter and turning it on its side, cutting it up into chunks, and then taking the time to adjust it to the launch conversation, is that you are delivering it in ‘bite size’ pieces that people are far more likely to read.

So if you’re considering how best to launch your new product, start with your launch story. Once you have this fixed in your head, the rest of your launch strategy will fall into place much more easily. When you mail your prospects they will respond because your story will resonate with them and they will want to reciprocate.

In short you will have your launch parachute in place so even if your launch does not go off 100% smoothly [which one ever did?], your launch will still be a success. Tell me what successes you have had with your storytelling by leaving a comment below…

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