Make Your Clients Feel Good

Kate is Feeling Good

Kate is Feeling Good


You can launch the same product in different market segments but each time you do so you should be careful to re-focus it and optimize for the segment concerned. A cookie cutter approach is not going to achieve the best possible results


You Offer


So make sure that you take a long hard look at your offer. Your original bundle will probably have to be adjusted to ensure that it resonates with the core audience in the second third or fourth niche.


Your Price


Is the value equation equal in each of the markets in which you intend to do a product launch? If not, you will certainly have to adjust the price. Upwards or downwards depends on the risk/returns ratio in each market


Keep it Simple


Give your audience too many choices and they will quit in confusion. Next time you are in a store, check and see how many choices of each product type they stock. If it’s more than 6 or 7 they are probably not the ROI on their shelf space


90% of people will need to be told what to do. Just give them simple step by step instructions


Remember, people can only do one thing at a time so only give them ONE thing to do at a time


Your Launch Story


This will certainly have to be refined so that it resonates with each different audience to whom you do a product launch


When it comes to product launch marketing, the thread running through the whole launch process is your launch story. Your prospects should immediately identify with the central character – the reluctant hero or the local boy made good if you like – A good story is memorable and is a parable.


They are important because they cut through all the noise and offer your audience an oasis of calm where they engage with your marketing message and form an emotional bond with you.


Your product launch story is not about you


It’s about your prospects and the pain and frustration they are suffering. You could start one like this…


My clients are a lot like you. These guys think of  themselves as being young although in truth they know they are beyond the first flush of youth. They run small businesses and are finding it hard to acquire profitable new leads whilst dealing with the endless day to day administrative tasks as well as make enough time for their social life. They are torn by this dilemma.

They always have a nagging doubt whether their decision to fire their boss was really as bright an idea as they first thought. But then they look around at the company men they are friends with and see that they are much more worried about keeping their jobs

This is reassuring because at least these guys have a going concern that no one could take away from them if only they could boost the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Traditional print media is producing fewer and fewer leads. This whole internet marketing thing seems to be taking over but learning all the ins and outs  is just taking too much time. They just want a simple system that they can set and forget.

That’s easier said than done, of course…


Storytelling allows us to feel reassured because, through the power of a story, you know that out there somewhere is someone just like you who understands the unspoken fears and nagging doubts that constantly plagues your waking life – and maybe keeps you awake at night – and that that person may just have the answer you are looking for.


This make you feel good and it can make your clients feel good too if you use stories in your product marketing strategy


The power of a product launch is it that it engages your core market. It’s not a hard sell. Your audience make their own decisions. And yet, a product launch is not for everyone. You have to get yourself launch ready. You have to have an original idea.


Do you use storytelling in your marketing? Give us one good example of a success you’ve had…




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Rory Ramsden