In Today’s World The Micro-Story is King

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You have 9 seconds to stop your prospects in their tracks and engage them. Hooking your prospects in with an 8 word ‘micro-story’ which instantly expresses your big idea gives you the opportunity to tell them more – your product launch story.

Bill Schley , in a recent article for puts it like this

Ronald Reagan, the late actor-turned-president who was known by Republicans and Democrats alike as “The Great Communicator,” didn’t start speeches on “the multi-lateral imperative of deficit reduction” with facts and figures. Instead, he’d tell you a story about a little girl in a yellow dress. Within a minute or two, when even the most cynical listeners were unconsciously disarmed and pulled in by the parable, Reagan would move over to the hard business of the day’s talk.

He knew what a great sales trainer once told me: Spend two hours telling a prospect every fact about your product—and he’ll forget 95% in 10 minutes. But tell him a story, and, 20 years later, he’ll repeat it to you word for word.

The power of a compelling story
The quickest and most effective way to disarm your  prospects and  switch off their BS meters is through the power of storytelling.

A great rabbi was once asked, “Can you tell me what the Bible’s about?” The rabbi replied, “I can tell you the entire Bible in one sentence: ‘Do unto others as you’d have others do to you.’ All the rest is commentary.”

The Big Take-Away
Your product launch story is a parable
. It empathizes with your prospects by defining the top 3 fears or frustrations that worry them so much that they wake in a cold sweat at 4 in the morning. It leads them gently to the sunlit uplands where these have magically fallen away to be replaced with feelings of immense relief and happiness. It ties all these emotions together in a bundle which is your offer

But first, you have to stop them in their tracks. Hook them in. And engage them.  Express your big idea in 12o characters or less and it can be tweeted, used as an SMS, DMed and quickly pasted in  as a profile update helping your product launch go viral.

In today’s world the micro-story is king


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