Creating a new product? “Fall In Like” with it

There were two guys, Joe and his buddy Rich, out enjoying the Forest in all its glory. They were on a camping trip and had just woken up so still had not bothered to put their sneakers on. Joe yawned and turned to walk a few yards out of the clearing to have a pee. He suddenly spotted, not 200 yards away, a big grizzly bear advancing towards him at a steady if unhurried pace. No doubt anticipating a tasty breakfast himself.

Joe spun round grabbed his sneakers and bolted  straight past Rich letting out a garbled warning as he did so. Rich turned, saw the danger and high tailed it after Joe grabbing at his sneakers as he flew by tree stump where he had left them night before. As he did so he glanced over his shoulder to see the bear was now coming at him at a full gallop.

Now Rich was no slouch. The all American 400m champ soon overhauled Joe who was by no means slow in normal company. Rich sprinted on for 50 yards. Then skidded to a halt. Crouched down and started to pull on his sneakers.

Joe was stunned.  There was a hungry grizzly gaining on them fast and Rich was calmly pulling on a shoe.

“Hey” shouted Joe, trying to catch his breath “What the **** are you doing? There’s no time to do that. That Grizzly is gaining fast. He’ll have us for breakfast”

Rich looked up as he pulled on the second shoe “You mean he’ll have you for breakfast. I don’t have to outrun the grizzly I just have to outrun you!”


Make sure that your new digital product is better than the top three offered by your niche competitors. To do this, buy them and take them apart to find the missing ingredient that will transform them into something better. What you add depends on the pains, frustrations and hot buttons that you came up with in the market research you did on your prospects.

Be passionate about making a success of your business but only “Fall in Like” with your product…



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Rory Ramsden

Specialist focusing on getting new products ready to launch and re-launching ever-green products to the online community. What can a Product launch marketing do for you? - Significantly increase your ROI - Explode the size of both prospects and client email lists - Build strong rapport between your clients and your company - Dramatically increase the number and quality of your JV partners and affiliates - Make your business the 800lbs Gorilla in your market - Leverage your newly found cash flow and positioning to accelerate your growth - Send employee morale soaring to new undreamed of levels To get these benefits, we'll assist you to develop a strategic and tactical plan for your coordinated launch…There are a myriad of tools and tactics to use in an online product launch including - email lists - blogs - surveys - special reports - sales letters - autoresponders - video and audio presentations - webinars - squeeze pages - Social Media - Networking As professional product launch manager, we will help you select the most appropriate for your needs. Remember Product Launches work for all types of products and services, evergreen or new so contact me to find out more +33637500988 Specialties The Launch Systems Toolbox This limited consultancy will assess your state of readiness in 6 key areas. The fee is typically set against our fees for piloting your complete launch. []