5 Ways To Give Your Product Launch a Backbone

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Your launch story is the backbone of your product launch. It’s a parable through which you deliver your marketing message. It’s about the major challenges that your clients face in their daily lives and how you can solve them. It’s about encouraging them to take action by giving them powerful reasons to do so. It’s the half forgotten horizontal helix


Your prospects are negative. They are skeptical. They believe that they’re stuck. That no-one can help them. That they cannot help themselves.


Your job is to give them hope. To appeal to them on an emotional level. To show them that life can be better. To become their trusted adviser. Your launch story is a metaphor for what their lives could be…


Here are the 5 elements:


#1. Challenges

People are inherently selfish. Their only interest is what you can do for them. Before you can show them the solution, you have to make it clear that you understand the problems they face. The problems you identify have to resonate. Once they are convinced that you really are ‘on their wave length’ they will be prepared to listen. Fall at this first hurdle and your product launch will never achieve eye-popping results


#2. Discovery

Simply explain how you became to be an expert in your niche and came across the technique/tool/strategy that has been so successful in addressing the challenges that your clients face every day. You could have stumbled upon the solution. It could have been a quest or obsession sparked by an emotional experience. You could just have been plain lucky to be in the right place at the right time. But whichever one you choose has to be real and truthful.


#3. Authority

Here you are answering the questions… “Why should I listen to you?” or “Why should I believe you?” This is where you get to establish your track record, list your marquee clients and provide case studies showing some of your best clients success stories. There are 21 different types of proof that you could use.


#4. The Solution

Now explain exactly WHAT your solution is and remember that what you are presenting them is a bridge which they can cross quickly and easily. In fact, you will take them by the hand and help them every step of the way. Prospects will look for reasons why it won’t work for them and see problems where you see solutions. So produce more proof to overcome these arguments.


#5. The Benefits

This leads neatly you into explaining all the benefits that they will enjoy. Every Feature of your product must have a benefit otherwise it is redundant. Focus on the emotional benefits that your prospects will enjoy. These have to be tightly targeted on theĀ  original challenges that you identified.


Your launch story has to be laser targeted. Every word has to earn its place on the page. Make sure that it is tightly packed with emotional triggers anchored in the pain that your avatar is enduring. In the end he has to feel that he simply cannot afford to pass on your offer despite the price. The benefits areĀ  just too powerful.


Writing your product launch story focuses your mind on the launch too. You get to see where your strategy can be developed and become more powerful. You start to work out the ways that you are going to deliver each piece during your pre-launch sequence and reinforce points by adding special reports.


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Rory Ramsden