5 Product Launch Story Must-Haves if You Want To Succeed

Stories Have Engaged us Since The Dawn of Time

Stories Have Engaged us Since The Dawn of Time


For a truly kick-ass product launch, you have to connect with your core audience. I mean, really get inside their heads and join the conversation.


You know the one, we all do…


When you are considering a business decision or indeed just considering whether you are going to order another portion of that super delicious chocolate cake, there is a ‘will-I-won’t-I-moment’. That little guy who is always negative about everything you do is right there in the back of your head giving you all the reasons why not


This is the conversation you have to join


When you do, you can be there to repeat all the benefits that your product or service has to offer


Easier said than done ?


We are hard wired to listen to stories. Since the dawn of pre-history, stories have been the tool that the human race has use to teach, to convey meaning, to explain ideas and to provide entertainment


Your product launch story will do the same for your core audience.


Here are 5 must-haves…



1. Structure

Your core myth must have a theme. It could be about the ‘reluctant hero’ or the ‘local boy makes good’ which are two of the most common



2. Big Idea

A successful product launch is based on an original idea. An innovation that sets you apart from your competition. This big idea is what will grab your market’s attention



3. Empathy

You must show that you understand the major challenges and frustrations that your market is struggling with. Your product launch story must resonate. Your people should identify this struggle as their own.


Be real. Use the language your customers expect. Express attitudes and interests that they hold to be true



4. Proof

Your launch story is not necessarily about you. But it must show how your product or service has helped your clients overcome these challenges quickly and easily



5. Benefits

And then go on to list the benefits, that these people are now enjoying


There is obviously more to it than that but if you take a step back from your head long charge to launch your product and find that any one of these elements are missing in your product launch marketing strategy, you’ll be leaving money on the table.


That’s a cast iron guarantee


Your success depends on you creating a myth which will be truly memorable. When your avatar wakes at o400hrs because his mind will just not rest. It insists on turning over the problems he faces over and over again. It is now that you join that inner conversation we talked about earlier. It is now that you join the fight against that little guy with the negative attitude.


Your story will run through your pre-launch and give it purpose. It will anchor it and give it structure. It will also put you front and centre and position you as the authority figure – a product launch is an excellent positioning tool – The guy who has succeeded where all other have failed. It will build your credibility and show that you are a likeable guy.


The guy who, above-all, wants to help people overcome their difficulties and lead them away from the pain and towards the pleasure. Out of the darkness and towards the light


Leave a comment below and tell us if you have a favorite story or parable that helps you to engage your prospects…




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Rory Ramsden