What a ProLaunch Product Launch Could Do For You

Aside from making you a ton of money, that is…


In this blog, we  just scratch the surface of the process involved in getting you from your first ‘Eureka!’ moment to top spot in your niche with an army of enthusiastic buyers.


Let us pilot your next product launch and this is what could happen:


    • You become the go-to person in your niche. People will listen to you because they trust and respect you.


    • Your prospect lists will continue to grow long after your launch


    • Your mailing lists will overflow with warm and responsive repeat buyers


    • Your email open rate will explode


    • You may get a year’s-worth of sales in one week—and that’ll put a smile on your face!


  • Your joint venture partners will be queuing up to promote for you. They too will respect and trust you because your launch ran like clockwork and you keep sending them big, fat cheques




  • Your next launch will be even bigger and more successful. The one after that’ll  be bigger still.

  • Your business will be taken to a whole new level. The one where only the ‘big dogs’ strut their stuff.


Rory Ramsden leads the ProLaunchManager.Com Launch Systems Team. He’ll ensure that you win gold in your niche Olympics. His 20 years’ event management and marketing experience will see to that.


As COO of the Olympic Windsurfing, he has dealt only with the best and most demanding clients, the athletes. He is one of a small band of elite event directors used to working at Olympic qualification regattas round the world.


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Just bear in mind that Rory knows where to go to find exactly the right people for your launch. For him, nothing but the best will do: the best copywriter, the best video producer, the best JV manager, the best tech person and the top financial whizz


Rory will help you to pilot all elements of your product launch, including…


    • Developing your launch strategy and goals


    • Drawing up a detailed launch time-line


    • Developing and laser focusing your launch story


    • Generating and delivering your pre-launch content


    • Producing and co-ordinating your copyemails, blog posts, surveys, sales copy and more


    • Scripting and producing video


    • Crunching the launch tech tools and procedures


    • Straightening out your payment and fulfillment systems


  • And getting the right ‘legal eagle’ to ensure that the FTC is not going to come down on you like a ton of bricks


Find out more about how Rory can help you…


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Here’s to your brilliant product launch!