Your Customers Don’t Care About Your Product

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Yes… It’s true. Your prospects don’t care about you or your shiny new product launch

That’s why the first message in your pre-launch sequence has to grab them by the throat and lock their eyeballs onto your message.  Here are the 3 key ways to do just that…

1. Know Your Market

Launching a new product is scary the first time you do it. It’s like flying blind in cloud. You keep checking your stats to see how you’re doing but in the end it all comes down to how well you know your market. That means spending as much time as is practical doing your market research starting at 30,000 feet with Google Insights and Google trends then gradually zeroing in until finally you know the exact demographics and psychographics of your niche. You should now also know the language that your ‘tribe’ use to communicate with each other. This will allow you to sit down and write a concise description of your avatar – An imaginary person who represents a composite of your core market’s characteristics  – and even find a picture of what you think he/she looks like [put it on the wall above your computer].

This process takes time. You can build your list as you go. Run surveys and dig as deep as you can. Your long-term business launch strategy depends on you being thorough now.

2. Getting Your Launch Story Right

The first idea that you need to grasp about the launch story for your new product is that it’s not about you. It’s about your core market and how you relate to the struggles and challenges that the people in it are facing. By coincidence, you may be facing the exact same challenges but it’s not necessarily so. You may have friends or even clients who have faced up to those challenges and won.

By identifying the worries that are keeping them awake at night; by showing you know what makes them mad; and by providing proof that your quick and simple system works,  you are first empathizing with them and then providing a way out of their current nightmare. But remember, that all the time they are listening to you and engaging in the launch conversation, they will be looking for one good reason why your new product won’t work for them. Your customers or potential prospects don’t care about your product, they only care about themselves and how you can solve their problem.

So, your product launch story has to use the language that they use. The language that those ‘in the know’ in your niche use. Only this way can they come to realize that you understand them and the battles they are fighting to win. Only this way will they recognize that you want to help them. Only this way, will they feel moved to reciprocate by joining your pre-launch conversation. Only this way, will you build the buzz and anticipation you would normally associate with the launch of a new product like a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

3. Copywriting

And then it’s all down to getting those thoughts and ideas down on digital paper! It’s not about being ‘hypey’ and creating false scarcity. It’s about being genuine and writing to that individual, your avatar, in the photo hanging on the wall above your computer. Having said that, your copy has to be concise and to the point. A good product sales letter may be  20 pages long but every word has earned its place on the page.

First and foremost you have to  grab the reader’s attention. Traditional long copy sales letters have a nano-second to do this. Anyone on the Internet has a super short attention span. They don’t read traditional sales letters. They skim them at best in rushing to the bottom of the page where they’ll find the price.

But just think, if you turned that 20 pages sales letter for your new product launch on its side and delivered it over a period of weeks by email. You’d break it up into bit sized chunks. You’d allow your core market time to read it bit by bit. They would have time to absorb more of your product launch story. You could use a variety of modalities. Text… as in email, video… as either screen capture or ‘live’ action… or indeed, Audio… as in tele-seminar or webinar. Using different modalities in this way allows you to add variety to the product launch marketing process and let your people see you, hear you and interact with you live.

So… there you have three key elements that you must get right if you have any chance of  you grabbing your people by the throat and locking their eyeballs onto your message with a big promise backed up with layer upon layer of proof.

I’ll tell you about that in my next post.

In the meantime, tell me what you would do to create ‘shock and awe’ at the start of your new product launch sequence by leaving a comment below.

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