You Don’t Pick a Niche, You Discover it…

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Eben Pagan recently made a very profound comment. He said ” You don’t pick a niche, you discover it” That is to say…  You may have chosen to launch your product in one of the three main information marketing segments – health, wealth or relationships – but exactly which micro niche to do it in is not something you pick, it is something you discover.


A niche is a particular challenge that one group of people are faced with to which you apply your specialist knowledge to provide a new and original solution.


A challenge therefore is niche specific. A problem is not


Deciding to make a million dollars before your 30th birthday is a challenge. The problem is how to do it. Your solution to that problem could be applied to other niches such as stay-at-home Moms perhaps. Being specific about the challenge tightly focuses your solution. It stops being generic and starts using very specific words and phrases that engage with those people.


Each time you do a product launch into a different niche, you change the language you use to engage those people. Your solution remains basically the same.


The best one to discover is full of people in urgent need of a solution that they are ready and willing to pay a premium price for because it has far more value to them than the money you are asking them to pay for it. Attracting these people then connecting with them is easy because they are predisposed to listen to what you have to say. Your product launch will therefore have the wind behind it.


So what is the best process of discovery?


First, find out where a crowd of people in a related niche hang out on line or offline. Google your keyword and look for forums online; go to local chamber of commerce meetings or join groups offline would be obvious places to start your search.  Then check in and listen to the conversation. Pretty soon you’ll start to notice a pattern. Some question threads will attract far more comments than others.


One last piece of advice. Always validate your niche before investing time and effort in creating your product. There’s no point in doing a product launch to a group of people who are not ready and willing to spend money.




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Rory Ramsden