You don’t Need a List Before You Do a Product Launch

Creating a Product on the Fly

Creating a Product on the Fly

You may have read that you have to have 5000 people on your list before you do a product launch. Others insist that you have to have your product boxed and ready to go. Still others believe that they cannot do a product launch without an army of affiliates promoting for them.

The fact is that none of the above is necessarily true.

You don’t even need a list.

It’s the core concept that is important.

Just armed with your big idea you can do a seed launch.

Break your idea down into what you believe will be the most important chapter headings and get hold of a known expert in the field and you’re off. The next move is to set up a webinar and drive traffic at it using PPC or Facebook advertising

You’ll build your list as you are building your product

And do your first product launch at the same time.

In interviewing a known expert, your goal will be to elicit as many questions as possible from the audience. Some of these you may have thought of. Others will come completely out of left field and open your eyes to new possibilities.

Rinse and repeat several times. Each time interviewing a new expert.

Record the interviews and set them up to replay on certain days at specified times.

Now you have three or four lead magnets to use to build your list.

By being associated with other experts, you will have positioned yourself as an authority in your niche.

The next step is to get those interviews transcribed and edited before slicing and dicing the content into a series of screen cast videos with work sheets and action guides.

Your product launch is ready to go.

You didn’t start with a list. You didn’t even have a product. You just had a big idea. The rest flowed from that one core concept.

So if someone tells you that you can’t do a product launch without a list, a product or affiliates, don’t believe them. You can.

Leave a comment below and tell me why I’m wrong…. 🙂


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Rory Ramsden