Would You Hire Yourself To Manage Your Own Product Launch?

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No… Then hire a product launch manager. A good one will not come cheap. You’ll have to pay 4 or 5 figure upfront fee just to guarantee a place on their calendar. Then you’ll have to agree to pay up to 50% on the back end. That percentage is on gross sales. This is over and above other fees associated with the launch like copy-writing, video production & editing, JV manager, affiliate commissions, customer support.

So what’s in it for you, the product owner ?

Here are just 3 important reasons why you should do a product launch

  • Positioning
    A product launch will position you in your market place. You will become recognized as an authority in your niche. The expert to whom everyone turns for advice when it comes to your specialist subject. This is incredibly powerful in this day and age when everyone has to make instant buying decisions  based almost on instinct. 9 times out of 10 they will turn to the expert… You
  • Customer List
    You’ve probably been growing your prospect list in preparation for your product launch  – if you haven’t start now –  but a customer list is worth 10 times that. Experiencing explosive growth in your mailing lists will take your business to a whole new level. You will attract business offers and opportunities that will give your business long term growth
  • Joint Venture Partners
    Doing a series of product launch projects will attract joint venture partners and affiliates. You’d better have the metrics ready to prove your conversion rates and visitor. That’s why it’s best to start small with a new product and do a beta launch on a segment of your list. This way you can fine tune your product, your copy, your sales funnel and more. Creating a well oiled machine that hums with efficiency takes time.

Here’s the thing.

I know you know that 100% of nothing is still nothing. A DIY product launch may produce little or nothing by way of returns. A good product launch manger will make all the difference. He’ll help you to laser focus your product on your core market by verifying the market research that you’ve already done. He’ll do a thorough competition analysis so that you position your product to take advantage of the weak points in your competitor’s strategy.

So, actually he’ll do a lot more than just ensure a successful product launch. He will also leverage the assets you have in your company to help you create an overwhelming offer.

In fact, he’ll set up a series of launches, each one more powerful than the last, that will build on your product marketing strategy by identifying possible new products that you can add to your business. That’s why I’m not interested in a ‘one launch deal’. I’m in it for the long term just like you. A quick infusion of cash is very nice but your product marketing strategy has to lay out a plan for longer than the next 6 months.

Knowing all this, I’m sure you’ll agree that getting 35% net of this much bigger cake is tremendous.

So here are the questions you should be asking yourself…

  • Why are you even considering managing your own launch?
  • Would you hire yourself to manage your own product launch?
  • Do you have a product launch team or even the connections  to put one together ?
  • Can you stop running your business to focus entirely on your product launch – Do you have the time?
  • How many launches have you done already, how successful were they and so do you have the necessary experience?

If the answer to these questions are all yes, you found the right product launch manager – Yourself. Congratulations !

If not, then seriously consider hiring a product launch manager if you meet these criteria

  • Fully developed and laser focused product with a ready group of hungry buyers with money
  • You are a trusted and respected by your customers
  • Your product has a high profit margin and is easy to deliver (information products are ideal)
  • You have a large responsive list of existing customers and prospects
  • You have pre-existing relationships with companies who will promote for you

What if you don’t meet that level of criteria yet?

Hire a product launch manager as a coach to guide you.

  • You will be doing all the work and pull all the strings,
  • You will find the people to build out your launch team
  • And be responsible for all the nuts & bolts of the launch

But when you get stuck you can contact a seasoned pro who can point you in the right direction, who can bring a fresh pair of eyes to the challenge, who can suggest resources, who can make all the difference in the success of your product launch.

Still beyond your reach?

Then get yourself launch ready, start building connections and create a mastermind group where everyone contributes to the success of each other.

Is this the fastest route to success?

No, but at least it’s a start and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Take action and have a flexible approach.

Identify your existing assets and work out how you can leverage them achieve your goals

In the meantime, here’s a quick and easy series of questions. Tell me more about you, your product, your business. Then I’ll take a look and contact you to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation. I can’t promise that we’ll take on your product launch but I’ll certainly do my best to point you in the right direction.


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Rory Ramsden