Worried About What To Use As Pre-Launch Content ?

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This question troubles people planning their first product launch.

They hear the sage advice. “Give away your best stuff

And then quite rightly ask ” If  I give away the farm before I’ve even opened my cart, what shall I include in my product?”

You have to realize that your prospects may not understand the opportunity that you are offering them. That is, they are looking for something but probably won’t realize that they’ve found it until you have explained your big idea to them.

Remember that you are the expert

You know what they should know. They know what they want to know now.

You’ve probably forgotten what it feels like to learn to be in that position.

Feel what they feel…

Just imagine that you’re a ski instructor faced with a class of complete newbies. They’ve never put a pair of ski boots on before let alone skis. But to you, these things are completely natural and normal as if they’re extensions of your body. Your pupils feel completely the opposite.

So when planning your product launch sequence events, put yourself in their ‘boots’. Feel what they feel. It’s uncomfortable, awkard and it hurts.

Pick out the top 3 things that you wish you had known then… Those three are what you should use as pre-launch content.

There’s not much time

You have 3 pre-launch sequence events of not more that 10>12 minutes – video – to WOW them but not overwhelm them

So use the KISS principle… Keep it simple

  1. Tell them who you are and why people should listen to you
  2. Provide proof
  3. Empathize – understand their fears & frustrations
  4. Show them that you know their deepest and most urgent desires
  5. Tell them your Big Idea – the ‘What’
  6. Don’t over-teach – Divulge just 5% of the ‘How’

Don’t think about selling. Your audience may not even realize that your new product launch is coming round the corner. Focus on giving value. Brand yourself as the expert and engage with your prospects.


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Rory Ramsden