Working With JV Partners is Like Herding Cats, Here’s a Better Way

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I recently heard two fairly well know marketers in the IM space talking about doing a product launch. To cut to the bottom line, they decided against it because, and I quote… ‘They are too political‘ What I think they meant by that is you have to spend too much time building relationships with your peer group


As I explained yesterday in the 666 Formula, there are at least 3 spin offs if you decide to make the effort to connect to them

#1. You make money by selling their stuff whilst you create your own product

#2. You develop a far deeper practical understanding of what drives your core market to take action

#3. You get on to the radar of the guys who matter. Those are the ones  whose offers are converting and therefore the ones you want to do business with


There are at least two other important benefits but let’s just leave it there for the moment…


Instead let’s just follow the logic of our two marketers and look at the co-called ‘political’ aspects of recruiting and then dealing with JV partners  when it comes to your product launch


Number #1 on their ‘it’s too hard’ list… was that good ones are hard to find and even harder to recruit. They have a point. A super affiliate knows his worth and probably has an ego to match. They take no prisoners in their drive to make money


Number #2 on their ‘it’s too hard’ list… was that they won’t even roll over in bed unless you can prove that they are going to make a small fortune by promoting your stuff. Again they have a point. They won’t. They are not going to waste their time mailing their 100k list of prospects if  you can’t convince them your offer will convert


Number #3 on their ‘it’s too hard’ list… was that even if they do agree to promote for you there is no guarantee they will mail unless you tempt them by offering Rolex watches and fancy cars as prizes in a your JV Contest. Running one of these is like running a second product launch simultaneously so don’t even consider it unless your existing sales funnel is so well optimized that it almost runs on auto-pilot


Number #4 on their ‘it’s too hard’ list… was that you can’t expect a JV partner to write his own email copy. You have to spoon feed them a selection of proven killer headlines and body copy so all they have to do is paste it into their Aweber before pressing the send button and returning to the beach to drink Pinacaladas – don’t make the mistake of thinking they are copywriters cos they ain’t –

Left to their own devices, the most you’ll get is “This guys a friend of mine. He usually over-delivers. I got a preview of this, check it out, it’s awesome, here’s my affiliate link….

And that’s not all, here’s what should be in your affiliate toolbox… 4 Sets of headlines/swipe copy for each email to be sent out,  articles to post on their blog,  PPC Ad campaigns,  banners, email & forum signatures, pop up codes and loads more!


Number #5 on their ‘it’s too hard’ list… was that the guys you really really want on your team are all super busy people. Their inboxes are swamped with offers so they can afford to pick and choose. After all they can only send just so many mails to their lists and they naturally prefer to do business with their friends than some guy who happened by their front door with a new product launch.


Number #6 on their ‘it’s too hard’ list… was that even if you go the extra 9 yards and put all this together, there is still no guarantee that they will mail for you unless you agree to give them a percentage on the gross that is so big it makes your eyes water to even think about it.


So I think that we can agree that working with a group of JVs is akin to herding cats. But hold on a minute before you go bouncing off to who knows where…


All the above may well be true but if you follow the crowd and head off to try another tactic then you’ll be just that… one of a crowd. Good marketers know that is tantamount to suicide.


Let’s just revisit the best way to get on the radar of one of these so called super affiliates… You have to plan your campaign like a military operation


First, become one of their affiliates. You don’t have to have a giant list. It just has to be responsive. When your target finds himself cutting one check after another for you, he’ll start to wonder who you are. Don’t move past this step until you are receiving some nice checks in the post


Second, find out more about the guy. What are his hobbies ? What car does he drive? Know these intimate details and you’ll be able to send him a gift that he will really appreciate.


Now HE really wants to know more AND he’s starting to feel obligated to you. He may even want to reciprocate. That’s when you should expect a phone call if only to say ‘thank you’. At the very least, he will send you a mail.


You are not chasing him any more. He’s coming to you…


But there’s still that little matter of the eye watering commission percentage that he certainly will demand -You should be ready to give him ALL of your profits on your first product launch you do together – You won’t make any money. You’ll just cover your costs. But your lists of prospects and buyers will have achieved proportions  that once you could only dream of. And they are a long term asset.


Hang on a minute. So what about this better way ? This cheaper way ? This easier way. This way where you actually get to keep the money you deserve to make from your product launch ? The one you have been sweating blood and tears to get ready


Well it’s so simple you are going to kick yourself that you didn’t think of it yourself  and the great thing is that the world and his wife are not using this cost effective solution


Just go out and buy a list


Yes, this will cost you money up front – You didn’t think that doing a product launch would cost nothing to set up, did you ? – but if you choose carefully you can get hold of a list of buyers in your niche. Specifically, people who have pulled out their credit cards and bought a product on line.


You’ll have to do the math but for some marketers, this sure beats herding cats and it’s a lot less effort too.


You may be wondering how much hiring a product launch manager will cost and the quick answer is not as much as you might expect. Our aim is to structure a win-win sort of a deal with clients.  We get paid when you get paid. That is we work on a percentage of the ‘pre-return’s gross’ revenue that your product launch makes. Naturally, you have to pay a fee to get on our calendar. We can only take on 2 or 3 clients per year so our time is valuable and we must know what our schedule is well in advance. It would be unfair on our other clients if we didn’t insist on this. Find out more by booking a free consultation with me now


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