Work Smarter Not Harder Then Make More And Have More Time Off

Product Launch Works Smarter


If you could boost the number of paying clients you have, increase the amount each one spends with you, pick and choose which clients you spend time with AND have more time to do what you want to do, wouldn’t that put the bounce back into your step?


Well in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how you can get that and more. You see the biggest barrier entrepreneurs of any sort face when it comes to boosting their profits is the ability to leverage their time to the maximum. Like you, they have far too much to do already. Just keeping track of their day to day business is more than a full time job


And there lies the problem… They may not be working for the ‘man’ any more but they are still shackled to their business 24/7/365 days a year. Make no mistake about it.


The solution to this dilemma is remarkably simple…

You want to leverage the returns you get on every minute of your time spent working to the maximum. That way, each minute has a higher monetary value than you ever thought possible.


So your motto should be “Work smarter not harder


That requires you to adopt an effective marketing strategy. Just like any good general you want to make the best use of your available resources. Locked inside your head are assets that you use every working day but, till now, you haven’t extracted the maximum value from them. I’m talking about your specialist business knowledge, your expertise, your track record and your long list of satisfied clients


Intangibles they may be but they don’t show up on your balance sheet or if they do, certainly not at true value. You have the power to change all that without adding yet another task to your to-do list. Starting today, you can get your intellectual property – that’s the stuff locked inside your head – transformed into a digital product and then launched using a laser targeted marketing strategy that will focus on your most likely source of new clients


Only this time, you won’t have to deal with each one individually. After creating the product for you, we will create an online sales funnel which will deliver your solution almost on autopilot.


Here are 7 immediate benefits to you…

  1. Your digital product launch will strengthen your position in your market
  2. This positioning will transform you into a respected expert authority to whom your customers and prospects defer to for advice
  3. Plus, because they trust you too, they will be pay more for your products and services and thank you for the privilege
  4. You will grow not only the size of your market geographically but also in terms of value.
  5. You will boost your ROI
  6. You will make more money in less time and have more time off
  7. You can boost your consulting fees and choose which clients to work with and which ones to avoid and yet still deliver value to one and all


Want to know more? This new service is called IPLaunchPro+… That is Intellectual Property Product Creation + Product Launch


Obviously, having a knowledge based business like this is not for everybody. You do have to be a respected expert in your field/niche and have the testimonials to prove it. Your IP should be in some tangible form like a book or series of reports or easily available to be made into those. Your IP needs to be in high demand by a market who see more value in buying your digital product than the money they have to spend to get it – a fresh approach to an old problem is ideal – In fact, if it is an existing evergreen best-selling physical product that has a naturalĀ  digital ‘How To’ element that can be added. That works too.


The other thing that you need to know is this.


You will be licensing a very specific part of your IP to use for a particular purpose – to create a series of digital products – Your original IP remains yours. We don’t outsource the product creation process to a third party in the Philippines or India. We do the work ‘in house’ ourselves. We are digital product creation and product launch specialists trained by some of the best names in the business such as Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins, Rich Schefren and John Carlton


The product launch marketing strategy that we follow has been tried and tested both on line and off. Apple Computers use a very similar process themselves. There are 4 stages…

  • Momentum Building
  • Pre-Launch
  • Product Launch
  • Post Launch


That comes after the product creation phase, of course. This may involve you in some 60 minute Skype Calls or Teleconferences. These calls will be structured and recorded so that we can later slice and dice them before repurposing the content as videos, Podcasts and text


From your perspective there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your intellectual property is still your intellectual property. We will have just signed a licence agreement to cover the product series that we have agreed to work together on. And the key is that we’ll be doing all the work for you. Your daily life won’t change until you’re ready for it to change. That is when we have stacked one product launch on top of another, built up momentum and boosted your income in the process. [Take a look at this cost/benefit analysis]


A word of caution might be appropriate here. Rome was not built in a day. And so you have to realise than money will not suddenly start growing on the trees outside your front door the day after you give us the go-ahead. Tuning a digital engine like this to deliver the performance of a Ferrari and the reliability of a Mercedes does not happen over night


That said and understood, IPLaunchPro+ is a one-to-one service. We don’t farm out work to the Phillipines or India. We do it ourselves. That’s why we can only take on one client at a time. There is a natural limit to the number of clients we can work with so if you want to know more, don’t delay, book a time now and we’ll fix a time for a Skype chat asap



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Rory Ramsden