Will A Product Launch Just Give Me a Short Term Sales Hike ?

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We’re back with those two guys discussing the downside of a product launch. Yesterday, their excuse for not doing one was that product launch marketing is too political

And today the excuse given was…

Doing a product launch just gives you a short term sales hike. It’s not a long term business model. You do one and then you have to move on to a new product

Let’s take those 3 sentences one at a time…

  1. A product launch just gives you a short term sales hike
    In these days of financial austerity, you, as a business owner, would probably give your eye teeth to boost your top line sales and in the process take your business to the next level. You understand that expanding your list of customers by 2, 3 or 4 times is an opportunity not to be missed. After all, the most expensive thing you’ll ever do is acquire a new customer. You know – or you should – the value that each one will bring to your business. You’re not just going to sell to them once are you?
  2. It’s not a long term business model
    Every business even yours has to use a variety of strategies to position itself in the market. Some of those strategies like Search Engine Marketing of Social Media Marketing are essentially building blocks. Once you have created your launch pad, the very next thing to do is start the product launch process. It will give you the aforementioned sales hike, boost your customer list and go further to strengthen your brand. So… Yes, product launch marketing should be built into your product marketing strategy as a permanent feature.
  3. You do one and then you have to move on to a new product
    If you think like this, you will never take the time to fine tune your core offer. You won’t get it right first time. That’s why a small beta launch is the way to start. You get feedback. You optimize. You rinse and repeat. Each time your metrics improve until finally you’re ready to do a product launch to your full prospect list. In the process, you will attract dedicated fans who will buy from you over and over again. You will attract people who want to promote your product as affiliates. And You will attract business opportunities that you had not thought possible before. Plus, you will make money…

So will a product launch give you a short term sales hike ? …Yes


It’ll give you a lot more besides…Your customer list and the relationship you have with it are your most valuable possessions as an entrepreneur.

A product launch will act as a catalyst in your business. Each time you do one your business will move up to the next level. Each time you will be growing the size of an asset that no-one can take from you … ever.

You sell products to grow that list. Using a proven product launch marketing strategy that works time and time again in just about any market is the way to grow that list.

Do you have a better idea?


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Rory Ramsden