Why You Simply Must Have a Product Launch Strategy

Get a Strategy Stay Focused

Get a Strategy Stay Focused


Having a 30,000 foot overview of your product launch leads to clarity of purpose and enables all those involved to focus on a common goal.


Just in the same way that an army  field commander briefs his men so that they know


  • The goal for the action they will be a part of


  • The disposition of the enemy forces and therefor the likely weak points


  • And the movements of other friendly forces so that action can be coordinated


It is inevitable that during a product launch that you will have to adjust your tactics because the situation in which you find yourself will be at best  fluid just as it would be on the battlefield


You will be making decisions on the fly


Unforeseen windows of opportunity will open up.


Given a clear product launch marketing strategy, you can either accept or reject each one without hesitation


You will instantly know whether you are being offered a red herring or a real chance to make a break through that will bring you much closer much quicker to your goal.


As the product launch manager,  you will be confident that your whole team has that same goal in mind so will not have to refer every decision to you.


Gone are the days of micro-management


Devolved decision making is a reality because everyone is ‘on the same page’


Your product launch marketing strategy therefore contains…



  1. The big idea that make your offer compelling
  2. The measurable goal that you have set
  3. The ‘route map’ with clearly defined milestones along the way



This enables everyone on the launch team to measure progress for themselves leaving you free to manage the whole product launch sequence and monitor engagement.


If  a tactic is not working, it can be changed with the minimum disruption.  Just like a military unit on a battleground, you are in a fluid situation. Market conditions change. Assets may be lost but with a product marketing strategy in place you can react accordingly and remain focused on your goal


You have a sense of direction and so does your product launch


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Rory Ramsden