Who’s Protecting Your Product Launch?


I chanced upon this post on Seth Godin’s blog today and was immediately reminded of a statement made by a friend of mine, Rob Lamb, just after we’d wrapped up a super successful event.

He said…

I think we managed to protect the event from the organizers and give the participants what they wanted

It applies equally well to your next product launch.

As a product launch manager, you set off to work with your client as closely as possible. It soon becomes clear that he is filtering your advice against his own experience and doing his best to second guess you.

Now there has to be a a bit of give and take for sure. You are in a relationship that may require actions that at first glance are counter intuitive. Explaining these is fundamental to building confidence and authority

It’s when the line is crossed that you know that this product launch is going to hell in a hand cart. Some people cannot help themselves. They hire an expert. In this case, a product launch manager and then do everything possible to sabotage the launch.

Micro-management is a stand-out trait in a most small businessmen. That’s why most of them are just that. They strangle the growth in their businesses by standing in the way.

That’s why it’s so important to install systems and train staff to implement them

It’s the same with a product launch.

Employ a product launch manager. He has been trained to implement a system that will laser target your product on the core market and boost the return on your investment.

When you hire a launch manager, you’re not buying his time. You’re buying his knowledge and experience. So get out of the way, he’s there to protect your product launch process from you ! 🙂

By all means, take the roll of ‘product champion’. Every product launch needs one. You will be fully occupied optimizing it right up to launch day based on feedback from the market.

Taking a step back makes sense…

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Rory Ramsden