When it Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight

Product Launch: No Certainty, No Sale, No Money

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Fedex has made billions shipping packages that didn’t even have to be there fast, they merely needed to arrive at a time that their customers knew in advance. Hence the promise “When It Absolutely Has To Be There the Very Next Day” This is a powerful marketing strategy because it tells you exactly when it will be delivered.


No certainty… No Sale


Before they came up with this USP, Fedex were hemorrhaging cash because they had not clearly differentiated themselves in the market.


Now both parties¬† – the sender and the receiver – have certainty and that’s what you have to provide to your prospects before they will buy from you.


Your product launch may have done all you expected of it and more importantly all that your prospects wanted it to but if you fail to tell them what your offer includes in detail they will hesitate… And you may well lose the sale


It’s your job to make it easy as possible for them to buy


A common mistake made by people doing a product launch is to get so wound up in giving value up front… in teaching their amazing new system… in moving the free line that they fail to pivot and tell their core audience about their offer.


The more you tell the more you will sell


Over-teaching is a common mistake by novice marketers doing their first product launch. It can be explained simply. They are frightened.  Frightened of getting to the business end of their product launch.


They forget that they have a limited amount of time during a pre-launch event. They fail to include every crucial element…


Hitting on the anxiety that your target audience is suffering

Empathizing with the audience and removing the guilt

Focusing on your core concept – your USP –

Giving away a powerful tip that gets them closer to their goal

Proving that if people worse off than their avatar can do it, so can your core audience

Proving that you have the track record to be seen as a trusted authority

… An finally leading them to anticipate the next event by hinting at the amazing ‘thing’ that they are going to learn


Of course, it’s more complicated than that but those are the bones


There’s no time to over-teach. You have to be rigorous in your approach. Your script has to be properly structured whether you are making a video or doing a webinar. It has to sound natural but it still has to tug on your prospects emotions. And you have to be specific about what you are offering in every detail right down when and how it will be delivered.


The more congruent you are. The more certain you sound. The more your tone of voice gives the feeling of certainty.  The more your prospects will feel secure in making their decision to buy.


They just want you to tell them three things…

#1. What you’ve got

#2. How to get it

#3. And what to do next


If you want to know more about product launch marketing, go to my online calendar and book a time for a Skype chat. It will cost you nothing but your time…



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