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I was on the phone with Rich Schefren yesterday evening and one of the callers was puzzled by the poor response she had received to her new product launch. In her consulting days, this client had had major success with her program but she was completely new to product launch marketing and the whole idea of marketing a small business online.

So why, she wondered, didn’t she succeed in lighting the same fire in the minds of her online prospects?

Well, this is not an uncommon question especially to a Jeff Walker trained product launch manager like me. So I usually answer it with another…

What’s your big idea?”


Yes, if you want to grab your prospects attention then you have to have a ‘big idea’ that makes your product remarkable. Its has to be different from every other product in the same niche. if it isn’t, don’t be surprised if you your new product launch is more like a bottle rocket than an inter-continental ballistic missile.

This all goes back to your original market research. You can’t just assume that you know what the people in your core market want. You have to know them like you know your best friend.  Getting their demographics right is pretty quick but making a deep dive to dig out their psychographics takes time and detective work.

Your goal is to build a mental picture of your ideal client. Your avatar will be a composite of the dominant characteristics that you have identified. Don’t stop until you have created a collage of this person. Sometimes, you can find a photograph in a magazine that will do but if not, start with the scissors and paste until you have a completed your collage. Then stick it on the wall above your computer so every time you write an article you are writing to your avatar.

Now with this market research done and your list building is going well, the time has come to start building a conversation with your people. I say ‘your people’ because they live in the territory that you have marked out as yours. The territory you call your core market in fact.

If you are planning your first launch and you are still not 100% confident that you have identified the ‘big idea’ that will make your new product remarkable, the next step is to arrange a series of tele-seminars. These will help you build your list, build your triangle of trust and identify potential objections.

Yes… identify objections.

Your tele-seminar strategy must be to elicit questions. If you look behind each question, you may well find a potential objection lurking in the dark. These clues will help you zero in on the pain or frustration that ‘your people’ are struggling with. Now you can start pasting news-type onto your collage spelling out those frustrations.

Finally, you will be able to stand back and look at the picture you have created. There in front of you is this answer. The one feature that should be the core of your product. The one thing that makes it truly remarkable. Truly different. Truly unique.

This will almost guarantee that your new product launch will resonate with your market.

There are no short cuts to product launch success. It takes time and it takes effort so zero in on your ‘big idea’ but when you have found it, you will be able to build your whole online small business around it. It’ll be why your clients buy from to you again and again as you stack your launches…

I’ll talk about the power that stacking your product launches can give you next week.

In the meantime, here’s a really cool site that’ll help you with your market research. It’s FREE so don’t feel that this is some cheesy sales tactic.  It ain’t!

Tell me what you think when you’ve checked it out!

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