What To Do When You Are Launching a New Product into The Market


It came to you in a flash of understanding. You are convinced that as soon as you as soon as you launch your new product, it will be a winner. Your prospects are going to love it. But for now, you have a list of questions: How do you research your market? How will you focus your concept on your market’s biggest pain point? Who will help you execute the product launch? How can you be sure that your market really will love it – after all it’s best to plan on certainties than hunches – [by ‘love’ I mean ‘buy’] ?


First things first-how quickly can you launch your new product? Speed of execution is crucial. Getting your new baby out there and earning its keep is the surest way to test the market. If it’s a new one for you to want to quickly become a respected authority figure and the quickest way to do that is to make everyone sit up and take notice.


Publish a ground breaking report that upsets the status quo. Make sure you give it away for free to all those who subscribe to your list. Put them in an email sequence that invites them to learn more by joining you on a LIVE on line training session – webinar –


Invite established experts to join you. Rubbing shoulders with people that your prospects know and respect will ensure that some off their authority will transfer to you too.


Focus on giving great value. Cage your marketing message for the moment. Never mind how enthusiastic you are about your new product. You first want to make sure that you build up your credibility credit in the minds of your target market.


They have to feel comfortable around you and they way to make that happen is to make sure you give without any thought of receiving.


Now your list is beginning to grow, keep pumping out great value with short ‘how to’ videos that help people get over niggling little problems. The thing to remember is that your list does not have to be big but it does have to be responsive. If you keep sending them great stuff, they will be


Finding the right people to help you is key to a quick launch. You don’t have time to figure out… All the little details of a product launch – which is the best platform to use ? who are the key contacts you must talk to before starting ? Having a product launch manager on hand will short circuit all these decisions and ensure you get your product to market as quickly as possible… and in the best shape too


He’ll help you position your offer so that it strikes your competitors where they are weakest. He’ll help you prime your market so that when you start your pre-launch sequence, your prospects will be ready and waiting.


The key question he’ll ask isDoes your product fill an existing demand in a new and unique way? In fact, have you reinvented the solution to an old problem, made it easier and quicker for people to achieve their goals and done so in a way that does not require them to change their habits?


If the answer is Yes, you are set to disrupt the market and gain significant market share


After all that’s what Apple did with the iPod, then the iPhone and finally the iPad. People are looking for solutions to life rather than another ‘thing’ in life. They want you to make things easier, simpler, faster for them and they don’t want to have to stop and learn some new gizmo or software beforehand.


Your idea may start out in life by being counter intuitive but by the time it gets into the hands of the end-user its use has to be completely intuitive. They should be able to open the box and put it to work straight away.


That way they can instantly bond with it, get value from it and prove to themselves that they made the right decision to trust you by buying.


My final message for all you would-be entrepreneurs with a product launch in your sights is simple: Over deliver and under promise


Aside from that smooth and easy user experience. Your product has to do everything you promised it would and much much more. That way you will be making sure that you are acquiring customers for life not just for a one-off sale.


And that makes perfect sense, because attracting new customers is the most expensive thing that your business will ever do.


If you have a great idea, go for it. When I say that, I don’t mean next month or six months from now or next year. I mean NOW. You had that idea for a reason. But, remember, that if you had that idea, there’s a good chance someone else has too.


So don’t sit on it, move on it…



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Rory Ramsden