What Makes You Unique ? -10 Differentiators

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Is there a difference between your product and a commodity ?

If you want to have a successful product launch then there had better be. Finding a unique mechanism that makes your product of service is essential in a competitive environment. It’s why people will buy from you and you alone.

Here are 10 differentiators that you should consider. Bundle 2 or more together and your offer will become even more valuable.

1. Unique Solution
This is easily the most valuable asset your product can possess. A one-off solution that is proven to produce results will put you head and shoulders above your competition in a market of your own.

2. Highest Quality
Quality counts. Combined with added value – Durability –  it becomes a powerful combination

3. Price

By charging more than anyone else you tend to rid yourself of the tire kickers and attract the sort of customers who only want the best and are prepared to pay for it.

4. Best Service

In these days of automatic systems which require your customers to push buttons to listen to recorded voices, the company that has well trained customer service staff who can solve your problem instantly will have a real advantage. Remember that your customer support people should be viewed as a profit center not an overhead

5. Special Ingredients

This is how a baker can turn an ordinary loaf of bread into something special which will attract the high spending foodie. As an affiliate marketer,  adding a special bonus to an offer that really resonates with your market will boost yo commissions

6. Most Convenient

Is your product easily accessible ? Buying a hassle free experience can command a higher price too

7. Easy To Use

Making your product quick and easy to use makes a difference.

8. Prestige

A prestige marque commands attention. Many guys would love to own a Ferrari for its racing heritage and the emotional baggage that it carries with it. It oozes money and success. People want to be associated with that.

9. Recognized Brand

A recognized brand does not necessarily mean it carries prestige. It is just well known for doing a particular job effectively. Ford is one such recognized brand.

10. Hippest Coolest Trendiest

This gets you into the market quickly. Being recognized by the those at the cutting edge as the product to own ensures that the word will spread virally. Just make sure that you can follow through and establish a long term future.

Doing a product launch for a commodity requires the skill to bundle it with differentiators to boost its value and therefore its price.

A head of lettuce is a head of lettuce is a head of lettuce.

But torn and packaged with other salad leaves it is transformed into something completely different and desirable. A healthy ready made salad.

The perceived value shoots up. The ease and convenience of buying a ready made salad suddenly makes that head of lettuce much more attractive. It’s been transformed into a completely different product.

And another thing

This is all about creating an overwhelming offer that will have your core market bubbling with excitement. You can push all the mental triggers during your product launch and still bring home a dry well if your offer just does not do it for your people.

If you ‘get’ all this but still have a question buzzing round your head like any angry wasp, squash it now by leaving a comment below…


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