What is The #1 Reason People Don’t Buy From You ?

Product Launch Reasons to Buy

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If your answer has got something to do with money or the lack of it then you’re probably wrong.  Prospects who use that excuse are just being polite. What they really mean is that they are not convinced. Either they don’t believe in you or your offer is just not compelling.


When doing a product launch having a mountain of good quality traffic to your squeeze pages is crucial.  Assuming that they have subscribed because your lead magnet resonated with them, you can discount  the idea that they are not interested in your product or service


So how do you overcome these objections…


#1. Belief


Providing layer upon layer of proof that you are the ‘real deal’ is important. But if your prospects are really going to be convinced then they have to prove to themselves that what you are selling works for them. This is far more powerful. They don’t have to take your word for it.  That’s why, during your pre-launch giving away free content that they can truly benefit from is so powerful.


It helps your people get closer to their goal. This builds excitement. Build belief and builds your authority too. As you give away each piece of your best stuff during your pre-launch, they become more and more engaged with your core myth and readily identify with you too. It is this emotional bond which has to be in place before you can ask for the sale


#2. Your Offer


Creating an overwhelming offer is certainly about bundling supporting assets round the core product but it’s also about how you frame your price, your payment terms, your guarantee and removing all the risk. It has to represent such good value that you exceed their expectations. The key question… ‘Should I buy this product’ is transformed into a clear statement of intent like ‘I cannot afford NOT to buy this product


People don’t buy what you know. They buy what you can do for them. So if your product launch is tightly focused on their core problem, told your launch story in an engaging friendly way, let them prove to themselves that what you say is true and offer astounding value for money with no risk to them, they will have no choice… They will buy


So the number one reason why people don’t buy from you is that you have the wrong mindset. Approach your product launch with the aim that you are going to over deliver on value, under deliver on promises and bond with your prospects and they will believe in you. Your product launch will then deliver all you dreamed it would.



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Rory Ramsden