What is a Product Launch ?


You may not know what a product launch is. If so, you’ve somehow stumbled upon a source of expert guidance to help you get started.


So what is a product launch anyway?


Well, there are two models for getting a new product into the market. The first is a product release where a company releases a new product and then does its best to get it noticed through traditional PR and advertising. Frankly this model is close to extinction in many markets


Then there is the product launch, where through a series of online or offline events you, the brand, build buzz and anticipation in your core market by addressing the real issues that your ideal customer is challenged by. In doing so, you give away valuable tips to help your audience move closer to their goals. No mention is made of the new product until you are two thirds of the way through the third event.


By executing your launch in this way,  your prospects have the time to get to know and like you. They have the time to put your tips into action and prove to themselves that they really work. And they have time therefore to get excited about their new found source of help … You


You would never dream of asking a girl out on a date and proposing marriage straight away. If you were serious about her, you would start by giving her a little present that she would appreciate. Nothing ostentatious but valuable just the same if only for the effort you put into finding out that she really really liked ‘little pink china mice’ for instance. It’s the thought that counts… And so your romancing would continue, with thoughtful little gifts until… 🙂


It’s exactly the same with a product launch. The tips that give away show that you really understand the challenge they face. They identify with you because they know they have found a kindred spirit. They suspend disbelief and cynicism. They engage with you through your launch story. Building credibility, trust and authority like this, prepares them for the moment when you pivot to talk about your product and ultimately ask for the sale.


If you are looking for an example of a big brand that uses these techniques look no further than Apple…



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Rory Ramsden