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Do you want a constant stream of pre-qualified leads? Have you got a successful product launch under your belt? Then your next step must be to go for a perpetual launch strategy. This will introduce a constant stream of pre-qualified leads into the top of your sales funnel


Here’s a little more detail…


A perpetual launch – otherwise known as a ‘rolling launch’ – runs on almost on auto-pilot in the background and drives pre-qualified prospects into your sales funnel 24/7. You just have set up a process for driving that traffic.


The key is to have executed a successful product launch.  This means that all the necessary copy will have been written, videos created, email sequences tested plus you will have the metrics to accurately establish visitor value.  In fact, you have a fully functional machine that has been fully optimized. All you have to do is driving traffic at it to make money…


AND you know exactly how much you can pay for that traffic and still be profitable.


Here are 3 steps to building out a perpetual product launch


#1. Pre-Launch Content – Set this up to auto play at a given time on a given day


#2. Traffic – You have at least two choices, here …


a)  Make a list of the biggest players in your niche and invite them to JV with you on the condition that they only offer your product to their list. Given your visitor value they can predict how much they will make. There is no guarantee because the actual returns will depend on the relationship they have with their list. But you are effectively offering them ‘free money’  for almost sero effort… Note that it may be hard for them to find a gap in their marketing schedule so whilst you are waiting….


Warning: Your JV partners will love you because you have given them a proven product that converts. The people on their lists will love them even more because they are getting real value.   And you can sit back and watch the money roll in whilst developing your next product. It’s a win, win, win…


b) Drive traffic using all the techniques you know – Google, Facebook etc – You know exactly how much you can pay for each visitor to just turn on the traffic source at one end and wait for the money to flow out of the other…


#3. Cheques – Make sure that you send your JV partner his nice big fat cheque as soon as possible.


Watch out because this is an awesome way of growing a super responsive list really quickly. This is just one technique that you as a product owner or publisher, should be using in your business. The key to the whole process is the first successful product launch.


By now, you’ve probably realized that you’re no product launch expert so you’ll need some help to put this strategy into action. After all, the future of your business depends on it! Find out how we can help Get your product to the launch-pad. You will be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective our proposals are. In fact, this sort of product positioning can have a powerful effect on your business.


If you have a product launch planned in the next six months and you want someone to look over your plans, I’d be happy to jump on the phone with you and help you pinpoint the weaknesses in your launch strategy. It’ll cost you nothing but your time. It will bring things into focus and pay massive dividends on launch day. This product launch evaluation is designed to help you get your product to the launch pad so that you can take your business to the next level  Contact us now to find out more.



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Rory Ramsden