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As I said in my previous post, you have to build up to that huge product launch. It won’t happen over night. But one more that you can pull off in just a few days is the ‘Quick Launch‘ otherwise known as the the ‘Fire Sale’. This product launch marketing tactic does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

Let’s talk about doing a quick launch before we move on to the relationship you have with your prospective clients. Here are the things you need to have in place before you can do one

a) a list
b) a product – This does not have to be your own
c) a very good reason for your super short deadline

It follows then that that a successful ‘Fire Sale’ is a quick internal launch which takes no more than a week to get from pre-launch to the close of your shopping cart. The key is to have a good and believable launch story which clearly states why you need to raise some money fast. It could be an unexpectedly large bill from the tax man; or a totally unexpected disaster at home like burst water pipes bringing down the ceiling; or … well, you get the idea I’m sure.

Tell the launch story in as much detail as you feel comfortable. Back it up with pictures or a video if you can. But make sure that it has a hard and fast deadline. This is the built in scarcity you need to close your shopping cart quickly. It is also the reason why you can believably consider offering a discount or, better still, stacking the value included in your offer so high that it really becomes impossible to refuse.

Here’s an example… Say you have a number of e-books that you are selling for a $19.95 each. You could bundle 5 of them together and sell them for $47.75. This represents overwhelming value especially if you can show proof that you really are selling each one at the quoted price. Remember that each part of your bundle has to be relevant and support the remainder so that it really is a ‘complete’ package rather than a rag bag of unrelated products.

Never mind that you have never sold a product for $47.75 before. You should see this as an opportunity to raise your typical price point so that the next time you come to do another new product launch you can pitch it at a higher price from the very beginning. It will also move your buyers level of expectation higher so they will become used to paying more for your products.

It’s hard to drop straight into a niche, build up a group of potential customers and immediately launch a new product at the top end of the price range in that market so this is one way of moving your price point up the range.

Anyway, enough about launch types and pricing strategies…

Building a virtual relationship with ‘your people’ sometimes appears as if you are doing all the giving by delivering valuable content but are receiving little feedback in return. People may not be unsubscribing but they are essentially passive. Your metrics may even be good but somehow you are looking for more inter-action.

It’s like going to a dinner party and doing your best to keep the conversation going but there are people at the table who are just sitting there not reciprocating. You start to become self concious and wonder whether you are hitting the right note or not.

That’s the time to ask a question and elicit a reply from the other guests.

May be you’re being fascinating but still need to tune into the general mood a little bit more by listening to other’s concerns.

I have known marketers who have literally told ‘their people’ to un-subscribe. After all, they argue, there is no point in receiving emails from me if you are not interested in reading them. Personally, I think that’s a little over-the-top. You should use more subtle tactics.

So here are my recommendations…

a) Keep your posts/emails tightly focused on your core market
Keep them real
Be friendly and conversational
d) Ask rhetorical questions rather than simple ones when seeking feedback

Try d) out on your launch blog, it’s amazing how the content in the comments will change.

If you tell me more about your business, your product launch aspirations and where you feel stuck by completing this short survey, I’ll address those issues in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, find out how to hire a product launch manager and what’s in it for you


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