Use Social Media to Build Pre-Product Launch Buzz

Product Launch follower engagement



It may come as a shock to you that you can use social media and specifically Facebook to build buzz around your product launch without spending a ton of time on the process. Yes… It’s about community but it’s also about business so you want to quickly and easily build a following and connect with those people without having to bomb their inboxes…. which can get downright annoying


So how can you do that?… Well, as usual it’s a 2 step process which involves Facebook advertising


Step #1 – Run a highly targeted campaign to build followers quickly

Based on your original research, start wide by selecting a broad range of demographics based on age, location, education etc. As you get clicks, focus your advertising more and more until you have a highly targeted campaign. Don’t forget to test different Ad creatives whilst retaining the demographic settings so that you can verify which resonates best before you start to focus – This intelligence will serve to inform your whole product launch campaign

Step#2 – Run a follower targeted campaign

Now you have your followers, run a  second campaign focused on them only. The cost per click will be really low and your followers or customers-to-be will see your add on the top right of their news feed maybe 10 times or more. Using this tactic will bring people back to your page and keep them engaged without you having to constantly message them


Timing as always is everything and the best time to put this plan into action is in the build up to the moment when you make your pre-launch sequence LIVE. This unobtrusive tactic will get your product launch off to a good start and ensure that your followers stay engaged without you clogging up their inbox


That just leaves you having to build a landing page for your business page and making key posts as necessary.


Building a following for your product launch business page like this means that your people will be highly targeted and relevant to your offer. There are a lot of eyeballs on Facebook so make sure you leverage that to boost your subscribers. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…


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Rory Ramsden