Tweak Your Pre-Launch Sequence To Boost Product Launch ROI

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An Olympic athlete will train 6 days per week for up to 6 hours per day. He will be constantly tweaking his technique to optimize his results. Each time he finds an edge by refining the smallest movement or gesture, the improvement in his performance is compounded. Your pre-launch sequence is no different


You should be constantly tweaking to optimize your opt-in rate and boost engagement. It doesn’t stop after your first product launch – this should have been a small beta launch to a segment of your list only – Then is the time to get feedback from your new customers and refer to your launch notes to ensure that your systems and process are refined.


You may think that the hard work of market research and product development is behind you. But it’s not… It never will be


Every time you do a product launch – and you should plan on a whole sequence – you will understand a little bit more about what makes your core audience tick and what they truly want from you.


If your genuine desire is to make sure that what you are offering is something they want more than anything and it should be, then tweaking your pre-launch sequence is a way of life.


That having been said, what does a well optimized pre-launch sequence look like?


#1: Effective strategy that gets prospects results-in-advance


The point of laying your long copy sales letter on its side and delivering the contents over a period of days or perhaps weeks is so that it is delivered in bite-sized chunks which are easily consumable. Being in regular contact allows your prospects to get to know you and identify with you.


By delivering results in advance – encouraging your audience to take action and prove to themselves that they can achieve their ambitions – you build desire and trust. Both of these triggers will boost your  revenues.


#2: Above average percentage of subscribers


This is down to two factors. The first is your traffic source. The second is the quality of your lead magnet. The third are your on page factors – headline, copy, layout etc…


You should be constantly A/B testing to ensure that you leverage these factors to the max.


#3: Fully integrated into niche specific social media channels


Your product launch has to be plugged into tightly targeted social media properties. You have to be where the hungry crowd is hanging out and that is not necessarily Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Yes, these sites have a massive amount of traffic but you’re after quality first and quantity second


You may find a niche specific forum that will be far more relevant to your needs. This will be where your tribe hang out and shoot the breeze, discuss problems and share their solutions. Become a part of this community. Other social media channels are strictly second best.


#4: Builds social proof


That is to say, that you core audience will be on that niche specific forum. Engage these people and they will become your brand advocates. But make sure that your product launch blog is integrated into Facebook. One out of every nine people on the planet has an account so Facebook Connect is a must.


This will ensure that blog comments have the best chance of being shared between groups of friends. This viral element will bring traffic to you and boost the power of the social proof engendered in all those comments as more and more people see them.


Another way of leveraging this social proof is to include a clip showing all the comments you are getting in a pre-launch video.


#5: Able to reach prospects on the move


Optimizing your pre-launch sequence for mobile is becoming more and more important. There are more smart phones in the USA now than feature phones. Ignore this at your peril. It may not be necessary for your beta launch or your first internal launch but as soon as you start to step it up enable your mobile strategy.


This is what we call the friction free product launch because you are using every channel at your disposal to reach your prospects wherever they are and more importantly let them reach you and consume your valuable content whenever they choose. Engaging people like this will build their trust and boost your credibility too.


#6: Dedicated e-mail sequences for each phase


Your pre-launch is a sequence of events – Online or offline it makes no difference – but take a closer look and you will see that there are 7 or 8 mini sequences within the whole. Each headline, each piece of copy, each call to action and each time sequence has to be tested and optimized. Copy writing is a key part of any pre-launch sequence.


Don’t forget that every video you produce has to be carefully scripted too so in a well optimized pre-launch sequence all of this copy will have been refined and tuned until it pulls the 21 or so mental triggers we use at the right time and by just the right amount.


There you have it. 6 ways to tell whether your pre-launch sequence is running like a Rolls Royce engine. But there is one crucial element that I have not mentioned.


It’s your launch story. Everyone loves a well structured and well told story. Your people will instantly identify with the pain and the heartache you have encountered. The fact that you have beaten the demons that beset you and have won through to tell the tale will give them encouragement and hope


The language you use. The structure you pick. The struggle you relate. All these will empower the tools and tactics you use in your product launch. But no matter which wordsmith you employ, if your core myth does not resonate with a group of people who instantly ‘get’ the value of what you have to offer AND they’re prepared to pay handsomely for it. You are sure to be disappointed…


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Rory Ramsden