Triangulating The Position of Your Product Launch

Position Yourself Like a Thoroughbred Race Horse

Position Yourself Like a Thoroughbred Race Horse

You may have a viable concept on which to base the launch of a new product. However unless it is positioned accurately before you start the development process you could easily wind up with a camel rather than a thoroughbred race horse


– No disrespect to camels, of course, but you know what I mean, don’t you ? –


Here’s how to triangulate the position of your offer…


#1: Your Competitor’s Weakest Point

Doing a thorough SWAT analysis of your competitors businesses will put you in a powerful position. It’s odds on that they will not have done the same and even if they have, if you’re new in the market they will not see you coming until it is too late.


Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will give you the greatest advantage with the least effort and is vital to positioning not only your business but also any new product launch you are contemplating.


Note: This is not something that you just do once. Repeat the process every month and you will pick up trends early and be able to respond quickly


#2: In Your Prospect’s Mind


Knowing your prospects mind will allow you to see opportunities and capitalize on them. Their demographics are just the start of the process.


Independent small business owners and entrepreneurs are just that because they know that being the master of their own destinies will give them more security, more freedom to take action and a better lifestyle than if they were a corporate drone. They have an independent spirit and want to express themselves. The problem is that they find delegating a real problem so often work longer hours than people working for ‘the man’. – Click here to find out about our platinum marketing coach program


Taking the time to pick up the phone and speak to their customers will give them insights that will allow them to work smarter and achieve better a better return on their investment


#3: Your Unique Mechanism


Now you have covered stages #1 and #2, you can take a long hard look at your competitor’s products. Buy them, use them, strip them down, see how they work. You can now position yours to be 10% more effective and you’re onto a winner.


Triangulating the positioning of your product, your offer and your product launch in this way will allow you to make a big impact in your market very quickly. Rest assured that your competitors will probably have not bothered to be so thorough, so you will have a powerful competitive advantage.


It is this that will give you the most valuable long term asset, a list of happy customers who will buy from you again and again.


It’s not how long you work that counts it’s how smart you work. Step one in your new business marketing strategy must be to triangulate your positioning.


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Rory Ramsden