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Your focus has always been on becoming an expert in your chosen field. You have a passion for it. You are totally ‘into it’. So much so that you don’t really pay enough attention, if any, to the commercial realities of becoming an independent professional. All you know is that you don’t want to work for the ‘man’ and yet you are missing one vital piece in your armory.[I’ll come to that in a minute]


You’re an expert, alright. Your peer group recognize you as someone who knows his stuff. They respect your knowledge and expertise. They ask you for advice and yet you are still finding it hard to fulfill your dreams. Growing your business is proving hard. Boosting your revenue is even harder despite the fact that you’re working from 9-7 [Only! … I wish] trading your time for a dollar or three.


There must be a better way of making a living. In fact, there must be a better way of leveraging your time so that you can make more money in less time AND get to choose who you work for and when…


I mean some of your friends from College are pulling in 6 figure salaries and taking foreign holidays. You know they’re no smarter than you.  You know you have the potential to do the same. You are just like me in fact. I swore that I would not go and work in some city job for 14 hours a day and be burnt out by the time I was 35. So I set out to paddle my own canoe after working for a few years for the ‘man’ to get some experience.


Just like you, I knew I had the talent. I knew I have the drive and determination. And yet somehow that pot of gold only seemed to pay fleeting visits to the end of my rainbow. It wasn’t my fault. It’s not yours either. It’s just that no-one ever thought to give you a good grounding in marketing your talents to your chosen core audience.


This insight came to me in one blinding moment of clarity.


Old style marketing using yellow pages or the local paper may have worked once but the world has moved on. Now it’s all about product launch marketing or more specifically about digital marketing that allows you to reach out to your clients wherever they are… at home, at the office or in between. Yes, smart phones and tablet computers have changed people’s habits for ever. But how can you use these tools to your best advantage. And more to the point, what is the best strategy that you can put to work for you whilst making more and having more time to enjoy it?


Well, to come straight to the point. The answer is not out there somewhere. It’s locked inside your head. I’m talking about all that knowledge, expertise and hard won experience you have. Those are assets that once structured and put together in a cohesive package will transform your life and your lifestyle. Leveraging all this by creating your own digital product will boost your top line revenue. It will strengthen your existing position in the market and it will expand the size of that market geographically, numerically and in terms of value too.


Having a great product marketing strategy is the key to this new found success. It involves everything from identifying your core market to engaging with it and then involving them in your product launch through the power of your personal narrative. People do business with people especially people that they know, like and identify with


So it’s time for you to do some asset mining.  I’m not talking about surfacing the mother load. I’m talking about picking the very best, most in demand tips, technique and tactics that you have  discovered and putting those and only those in your digital product.


That’s a great idea” I hear you say ” But when am I going to have to time to do all that extra work?”


I’m glad you asked because that’s where we come in. We have a new service based on our Launch Crew  where we do all that work for you. We partner up and after a few Skype calls with you we get to work on your digital product. We structure it. We slice and dice it to boost its perceived value and we build you a mailing list if you haven’t already got one. And we do all the tech stuff too.


But that’s not all, we put together a product launch marketing plan too [you may have to make an appearance or three on teleconferences during the product launch phase but it will only be for 60 minutes at a time] We’ll target your core audience and build a story round you so that your people will identify with you. Then we’ll launch it for you too.


From your perspective there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your intellectual property is still your intellectual property. We will have just signed a licence agreement to cover the product series that we have agreed to work together on. And the key is that we’ll be doing all the work for you. Your daily life won’t change until you’re ready for it to change. That is when we have stacked one product launch on top of another, built up momentum and boosted your income in the process. [Take a look at this cost/benefit analysis]


A word of caution might be appropriate here. Rome was not built in a day. And so you have to realise than money will not suddenly start growing on the trees outside your front door the day after you give us the go-ahead. Tuning a digital engine like this to deliver the performance of a Ferrari and the reliability of a Mercedes does not happen over night


That said and understood, The Launch Crew offer a one-to-one service. We don’t farm out work to the Phillipines or India. We do it ourselves. That’s why we can only take on one client at a time. There is a natural limit to the number of clients we can work with so if you want to know more, don’t delay, book a time now and we’ll fix a time for a Skype chat asap


Happy Thanksgiving…


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Rory Ramsden