To Do a Product Launch I Need a Huge List, Don’t I ?

No, you certainly don’t have to have a huge list to do a product launch. I know of someone who did a launch to only 1,600 people and he absolutely crushed it. Not one single return either 🙂

The most important thing as always is the relationship that you have with your list.

If it is warm and fuzzy with a dose of trust and respect built in, then you are on your way to a successful product launch. That is if your launch story – your core myth – is compelling. Above all it has to be genuine and resonate with your people.

If there is no emotional connection, it really does not matter how overwhelming your offer is. Your launch will turn out to be a bottle rocket and you will feel let down.

So if you have to, spend months working on your story and, whilst you are, make sure you have your list building efforts in hyper-drive.

To ensure that your product launch is a success, here are the 4 most important areas to work on

  1. Your Product Launch Marketing Strategy
  2. Your Big Idea
  3. Your Launch Story
  4. Your Offer

The least of your worries is the size of your list.

And just to get picky for a second here…

Were you referring to your email list ? Your Facebook business page ‘fan’ list ? Or your list of Twitter followers ?

They all count.


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Rory Ramsden