This 12 Step Launch Strategy will Keep You on Track

Launch strategy
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A product launch may appear simple. After all, you may have watched them unfold several times. There are however lots of moving parts that impact on each other so starting out without a well defined product marketing strategy could prove fatal to your launch ambitions.

Here is the big picture 12 step process that you are going to follow…

  1. Product Marketing Strategy
    This is the framework for your launch into which you will fit the tactics you have chosen to use.
  2. Clear & Measurable Goal
    This needs to be defined from the outset. It could simply be that you want to make tons of money but it is better to define a tangible goal like building the number of people on your list by 200%; or achieving a conversion rate of 3%; or attracting 5 joint venture partners who want to promote your next launch. Being clear about your goals allows you to measure your success
  3. Know Thine Enemy
    Doing a competitive analysis is a key part of your product marketing strategy. Knowing as much as possible about your top 3 competitors businesses will give you a competitive edge by making it easier  for you to position your product.
  4. Laser Focused Product
    You will never succeed if you try to be all things to all men. You must laser focus your product on the bull’s eye where the people in your market are ‘hurting’ the most. List the top 3 things that are keeping your audience awake at night and provide an innovative solution.
  5. Unique Buying Advantage
    To some this might be your unique selling proposition but I prefer to use unique buying advantage because it puts you in the buyer’s shoes and forces you to ask the question ” Why would I buy this product?”
  6. A Hungry Crowd
    Having a hungry crowd eager to buy your product because they instantly ‘get’ the value it is offering is key to success. Note that 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your market. These are the people who will value your product most highly.
  7. Overwhelming offer
    Get used to the idea that you will apparently always be holding the short end of the stick. Your prospects must be left wondering how you can offer so much value and still afford to put food on the table. It is then that they will eagerly pull out their credit cards…
  8. Core Myth
    This is your story. The story that will be woven into all of your copy… be that written for your email sequence, your video scripts or your long copy sales letter. Give it a structure… “The Heroes  Journey” or ” The Dumb Guy who got lucky” or one of your own invention
  9. Turn Your Pre-Launch into a series of events
    Building deadlines into your pre-launch sequence trains your prospects to respond on time, builds anticipation and creates excitement. This buzz engages your core audience in the launch conversation and elicits questions that may have objections buried within them. You can deal with these  in your next ‘event’ be that a webinar, a video, a special report or a live-stream.
  10. Awesome Copy
    Every word in every email, video script or article post that you make must earn its place on the page. Your audience is pressed for time and easily distracted so get to the point in an engaging way using the language that seems natural to them.  You don’t have to be John Carlton but it helps!
  11. Proven Tactics
    Don’t re-invent the wheel. Do what has been proven to work over time.

    Tools: Email Lists / Sub-lists, Blogs, Surveys, Special Reports, Sales Letter, Video, Audio, Webinars, Teleseminars, Social Media, Mobile, Incentives

    Email Sequences: Pre-Pre-Launch, Pre-Launch, JV Sequences, Contests, Launch, Post-Launch, Stick Sequences, Re-Launch, Continuous Launch

    Mental Triggers: The Story/Hook, Events, Community, Social Proof, Scarcity, Authority, Anticipation, Common Enemy, Proof, Controversy, Commitment, Consistency, Surprise/Novelty, Likeability, Credibility, Celebrity, Reason Why / Context / Back Story, Competition, Take-away Sale, Simplicity, Concreteness / Specificity, Emotions, Anchoring, Transference

    The Offer: What They Get, How They Get It, Bonuses, Price, Guarantee, The Story

  12. Product launch Manger
    There is a lot to get done during a product launch so having an experienced guide by your side is invaluable. Make sure that your Product Launch Manager is someone that you not only get along with but that you really like and respect. Product launches are stressful enough without having to worry about the personal integrity of your Product Launch Manager. Look for a warm, sincere person that you get along with. Life’s too short to work with people you don’t like!

These are the 12 essential parts to a successful product launch. Fist and foremost, you must have a product marketing strategy. Launching a product is stressful enough at the best of times so starting out without a strategy means you will be easily knocked off course.

Having a road map means that you can handle the curve balls, adapt and move on quickly. You have a deadline that your audience expects you to meet. You have worked hard to build your credibility. You could set yourself up for long term business success. Now is the time to get a trained  product launch manager on board…


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Rory Ramsden