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There are so many big guru product launches going on every day that it is hard to imagine hiring one the top names in the product launch marketing space to guide you on your launch.
The good news is that for you, the small businessman or woman, you don’t have to hire a big name. A Jeff Walker trained product launch manager, like Rory Ramsden, knows all the moves and has is probably more atuned to your needs.
Hiring a product launch manger is probably the smartest move you’ll ever make because he or she will not only help you with your launch proper but also ensure that you have…
  • Worked out an effective product marketing strategy
  • Truly analyzed your competition
  • Developed a ‘Big Idea’ that will strike the competition where it’s weakest
  • Optimized your launch story so that it resonates strongly
  • Laser targeted your product at the right niche market
  • Mined your assets so that you have a compelling offer
  • And built a product launch team that compliments your skills

There’s more. A lot more.  But first you have to take on board the idea that you cannot do it all by yourself.

Frank Sinatra just turned up and sang. He may have tinkled the ivories – the piano – from time to time but he certainly did not try to play all the instruments in the orchestra.

He knew what he was best at and stuck to doing just that. His decision made him a star. He was able to focus on being the best he possibly could be at his chosen speciality

In your world, that translates into your decision to become the ‘expert’ in your chosen niche.

In these days where everyone is time starved. Where everyone has too much to do and not enough time to do any of it as effectively as they would like, being seen as an expert is very powerful. You are the default choice to provide the product or service that your customers demand because …

You are the expert in that field

Which is why hiring a product launch manager is a smart thing to do. He is the product launch expert. You aren’t. He has a vision of what needs to be achieved and how all the moving parts – and there are a lot of them – fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

You, as the client, probably developed the product and in the process may have well ‘fallen in love’ with it. Which means that you will find it hard to think objectively about it and take on board the fact that your prospects don’t care about it in the slightest bit.

What they care about is themselves and and their problems.

They may even see your product as part of the problem not the solution

Why ?

Because your product may involve more work not less…

We have already agreed that everyone is time starved. Your product may therefore be just one more thing to add to an ever growing to-do list.

That’s a problem, right ?

The internet may be a beautiful and powerful tool that you can use to leverage your time and energy to catapult your business to new heights but it can also be a massive distraction that stops you getting things done. Stops you getting what you really need to get done by taking you off into areas that you will never have the time to master.

The key therefore is to play to your strengths and build a team around you that compliments those strengths.

#1 on your to-do list is to hire a product launch manager that you get on with.

You will be spending time together. Sometimes in stressful situations.  You should be confident in his abilities and be happy to take his advice. Any agreement has to be based on this.

If you intend to be a second guesser… Pick and chose which bits you will implement and which bits to ignore, then your product launch has a better than even chance of turning into a bottle rocket and your relationship with your chosen product launch manager will certainly end in tears.

The opportunity cost of getting involved in such a product launch is far too high for you and your chosen product launch manager to consider

If you’ve read this far then I can only assume that you have every intention of launching a new product and are thinking of hiring a PLM yourselfIf not, why are you wasting time reading this ? 🙂 – The next step is for you to answer this quick list of questions and then we’ll jump on the phone and see how we get on.

If you’re not ready to do that and have a question you want answered first, leave it in the form of a comment below…

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