Think Strategically And Deliver The Right Message To The Right Market At The Right Time

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The one thing that people tend to avoid in favor of  buying a new ‘how to’ course or bright shiny object is ‘think’.  Well, I’ve got news for you. Buying stuff just in case rather than just in time will drain your bank account very effectively.


In fact being an opportunity seeker is stopping you achieve your goals. Only thinking strategically will achieve that. It’s something that you have to do for yourself. So to ensure the success of your new product launch,  focus on how to connect with your audience. To zeroing in on a pain that you can solve using your expertise.


Let’s take an example


Business coaches are a dime a dozen. It’s obviously a lucrative market but there’s no point in hanging out your shingle unless what you are offering has a new and original element that clearly sets you apart from all the others. Your system must involve a unique mechanism that clearly differentiates your offer. It may be hidden in plain sight right now but putting your finger on it is the key which will unlock the door to your market… and to the success of your product launch too


Here’s how…


#1. Narrow Your Niche


A small business coaching consultancy obviously cannot service every SME on the planet. Narrowing your niche either geographically or by market segment of by business discipline or preferably by all three will make it much easier to develop a system to meet the challenge that those businesses are facing. Dominate in one geo-specific market then move on to the next


#2 Know Your Competition


A thorough analysis of the major competing firms will tell you how to position your offer so drill down and find out as much as you can about them. This is not a one time mission. It’s a monthly scheduled undertaking. You must know how these businesses are evolving and how their offers are changing, possibly in reaction to your entry into the market.


#3. Play To Your Strengths


As an individual you are better at some tasks than others. Play to your strengths and outsource the rest


#4. Use Your existing assets


Obviously you just didn’t wake up and decide to be a business coach. Your track record and the testimonials, contacts and digital assets should be made to work for their living in the new environment you are creating


Bringing all this data together and leveraging it in a systematic way requires you to ignore extraneous noise and so-called opportunities, to think strategically about how to deliver the right message to the right market at the right time. Developing your product launch marketing strategy like this will give you a better than average chance of success… How do I know? Because very few new businesses take such a systematic approach to marketing their products or services



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Rory Ramsden