There’s No Product Launch Parachute…

Jeff Walker made a big thing out of the concept of a product launch parachute during the launch of Product Launch Formula 3.0 – which is excellent, by the way – The point he made is that if you launch your new product using his product launch strategies, there is never a single point of failure.

A single point of failure?

Well, if you invest heavily in one advertising spot like the Super Bowl – JW’s example – and the public are underwhelmed by it. That is a single point of failure. You have no back up plan. Nothing to stop your marketing strategy crashing to the ground in flames.

This could equally apply to a sales page that you are driving PPC traffic at. Prospects land cold, but mildly inquisitive, and you have a nano second to grab their attention before they just become a part of your bounce rate stats.

Whereas using Product launch strategies, you are driving traffic from multiple sources to multiple squeeze pages and then inviting people to opt-in in return for a cool piece of free content.

Once you have them on your list you have the chance to provide more cool content and once you have started the conversation can lead them in to your launch

The fact is that you could find yourself without a product launch parachute even if you are using product launch marketing strategies and tactics.

Your whole product launch marketing strategy is dependent on one crucial element. This has nothing to do with your copywriting abilities or  your ability to create sales funnels at the speed of light or even, sorry to say it, nothing to do with creating what you consider to be a crushing offer.

If you get this wrong, your launch will die on its feet and you’ll have to pull down your sales page for urgent and speedy re-engineering.

So what is this crucial element that you simply must get right to ensure that you really do have a Product Launch Parachute?

The answer…?

You must know your core market in every way that you can. You must know them like you know your best buddy. Striking up a conversation then becomes easy and natural;  Asking them  to help you develop or refine your product… A breeze; creating a crushing offer… Simple

So before charging ahead with all your creative launch tactics. Stop and Think

Spend some time working on your avatar – your ideal customer- Develop a crystal clear picture of who he or she is… Yes right down to pinning their picture on the wall above your computer.

Then every time you sit down to write, you can write to that one individual in the language they understand…

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