The Vaporware Launch – This Time With No Money, No Time & No Product

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Nearly every day someone just like you does a product launch in some small niche or the other – and even though you never hear about the vast majority of those launches… they are driving big sales, building large lists, and turbo-boosting those businesses by giving them an intravenous shot of INSTANT adrenalin


So if you are one of those people who think you need a high-priced product to do a product launch, or that you need to be a “guru”


You couldn’t be more wrong


You hear about the big launches because they are high profile. What could be more high profile than the launch of the Ipad for instance…?

Yes, Apple inc use a product launch strategy that is uncannily like the one I use too


But you never hear about all the small launches in all kinds of different niches. There is no way you could. There are just so many going on in so many little niches every day that you could not possibly keep track of them. That’s why you can be excused for thinking that product launches are only for big established brands


But they’re not… Anyone in any niche can do a ‘Vaporware’ Launch


First, let’s assume two things


1. That you have done your market research and come up with a niche about which you are passionate


2. That you have a small list of responsive prospects


So Why Vaporware?


That’s because using this product launch marketing strategy we are going to create a digital product out of thin air


Yes… I Said Thin Air !


It’s a simple 4 stage process and the only equipment you will need is a voice recording device


Stage #1 – Introduction – Tell your listeners who you are and what you do …


Stage #2 – Here’s What I got – Tell all about your product in as much detail as you can. Chunk it down and keep it simple


Stage #3 – Here’s What it will do for you – Focus on the benefits and what they really mean in terms of emotional values to your audience. Give examples of successes your clients have had – get some case studies too


Stage #4 – Here’s what I want you to do next – Close your vaporware product creation process by telling the listener the first thing he has to do to now


The key is speed. Get it done. Then email your list…


Email #1 – The Big Promise – Stop your prospects in their tracks with the big big benefit that your vaporware offer


Email #2 – Empathize – Tell a nano story that illustates the challenges that your people are facing and that you have faced too. Finish by promising the solution in your next mail


Email #3 – Lead them to the Light – Here’s where you tell another micro-story about how you stumbled on the solution by happenstance and the incredible benefits you enjoy because of it


Email #4 – Close – With your killer offer and a genuine reason for shutting down the offer at a specific time.


In an nutshell, that’s it… Expect to make a 5 figure sum


Here is a fact many people just plain miss… These product launch techniques actually work BETTER in niches other than Internet Marketing


There is a simple reason for this – the processes are brand new (or nearly brand new) in those niches. The people in those markets have never seen any of these launch strategies in action so when you use them those markets never know what hit them.


If you are selling in a small market segment, and you want to create instant momentum with a new product… or you have an existing product that you want to RE-LAUNCH, then doing a product launch is a no-brainer as long as you are ready for some pretty special results.


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Rory Ramsden