The Syndicated Launch

Good Friends Together

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This is the ultimate product launch. The one that will blow the doors off your expectations. It is so powerful because each one of your competitors has decided to work with you to promote your launch.

This is not possible in all markets.
Only the enlighten really understand how working together in this way grows the size of the market for everyone.

Conventional wisdom says that you have to do all you can to crush the competition and grab as big a piece of the pie for yourself as you can.

But we live in different times. The industrial revolution is ancient history. And that type of thinking belongs in yesteryear.

We now live in a digital world where it is highly likely that the people in your community or niche have actually opted into a range of different lists. They want to keep abreast of all the latest developments.

Just think about that for a second.
How many lists are you on?
And how many would you say loosely cover the market in which you have a particular interest?

I thought so. It’s certainly more thanĀ  a few isn’t it?

Now, turn that fact round and imagine that you, as the authority figure in your niche, persuaded all the marketers you respect to work with each other to promote each other’s product launch.

Then, you would have syndicated the market. You could call each other and make sure that each launch that hit the market did so one at a time. That marketer A promoted for B, C and D. Then marketer B promoted for A, C and D and so on.

This is a super powerful product marketing strategy that is common in markets like ‘make money on line’, ‘learn guitar’ and forex. I hasten to add that these arrangements are not formal. They are a loosely based co-operative effort that is only logical in the most crowded markets.

For now

You need to focus on getting your first, second and third product launch done in the most spectacular fashion possible.

Plan on doing a sequence. Start with a seed launch. Then do an internal launch. Rinse and repeat a few times until your product launch sales funnel is fully optimized and then go for a big one with affiliates. That’s like doing two launches at the same time so don’t rush into it.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the Rule of 5 …


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Rory Ramsden