The Smartest Way To Get People To Do Your Marketing Without Paying them

Product Launch Buzz!


To build up the maximum amount of buzz around your product launch,you want to start building early buzz with a 4  stage strategy

  1. Build Authority
  2. Find the Context
  3. Start The Tease
  4. Stimulate a reaction


The authority formula demands that you narrow your focus on a very specific challenge that your audience is desperate to have solved quickly and easily. Then put your launch in the context of a major threat to their health, well being or income before moving on to run a teaser campaign that pricks the interest of your people. Finally, you want to stimulate a reaction…


Lets look at that in a little more detail and identify 6 crucial ingredients to getting your prospects to do your marketing without them realizing it


#1. Create Controversy – There’s nothing like taking a controversial position to stimulate a reaction. Better still, if this position is counter intuitive and appears at first glance to be counter all commonly held beliefs. Make this your headline. Jerk people out of their stupor. make them sit up and take notice. Then…


#2. Do Something Unexpected – Once you have got the click, your visitor will certainly have some preconceived ideas. When he arrives on your page, take the trouble to greet him with something totally unexpected. For a split second or three, his brain will freeze which is when you want to invite him to imagine his most strongly held ambition and how it would change his life if he could only achieve that


#3. Now hit with his worst nightmare – This gripping micro story is what is more than likely to happen to him if he ignores what you are about to tell him


#4. The Conspiracy Theory – Quickly absolve your prospect of all blame. It’s not his fault that he his where he is today. After all, how could he possibly know anything different if no-one had bothered to warn him about that fact that… [describe something that an insider could possibly know] Then go on to say that these insiders have intentionally held this vital information back. They have deliberately not told him.


#5. Then Reassure him – everything will be OK. He has finally found the solution that he has been searching for. Then give him a powerful tip that will move him closer to achieving his goal. This will create excitement, build his confidence and make him want to know more


#6. Tell him what to do next – Be very specific. Tell him to leave a comment on your launch blog. This build social proof and encourages others to do the same. If you are using Facebook Connect, the comment will appear on his wall and his friends will see it too.  The viral buzz will start because you have stimulated a reaction


This six step strategy is designed to get people to react. It’s designed to grab their attention then give them something that they really value. It’s a normal human response for him to want to reciprocate by telling his friends about you. He’ll also want to come back for more valuable tips. This is the essence of of a pre-launch sequence.


Getting people to engage with you, react and reciprocate is the essence to having people do your marketing for you. The kicker is that it costs you nothing and can have a powerful viral impact both on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that you put this tip to work in the build up to your product launch too. You’ll be glad you did.


And don’t forget to leave a comment below. I’d love to get your reaction too…



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Rory Ramsden