The 6 Laws of Customer Experience

Customer relationship

Do What I Want Not What I Say

A product launch that does not resonate with your prospects is dead in the water. No matter how sophisticated the techniques you use, your success or failure comes down to a simple human judgement.


Is this guy the real deal or not ? Does what he is telling me ring true ? What proof is there that it works ? How much authority does the proof have ?


Here are the 6 laws of customer experience


#1. Get Customer Feedback


Every time you do a pre- launch event, you will leave an impression. Good or bad, it is likely to be quite different from what you imagine it to be. In fact, the impression you make is the reaction you get so take the time to run surveys after each one then listen to your sternest critics.


If they care enough to complain, take what they have to say seriously and tell them what you are doing to make it better.  Your next product launch sequence event will be the better for it


#2. Answer The ‘What’s-in-it-for-me’ Question


Your prospects don’t give a fig for you or your game changing idea unless they can instantly understand how you or it will instantly transform their lives for the better.


By empathizing with them about the pain they are suffering you build a relationship.  Everyone is instinctively self-centered so this is an important first step especially when you go on to show them a simple way to quickly get closer to their goal.


This results-in-advance method builds trust and authority and makes your prospective customers eager to attend your next pre-launch event because they know they will learn something to their advantage.


#3. Know What Keeps Your Customer Awake At Night

You know how it feels. You are suddenly wide awake at 4 in the morning. Your mind is busy turning over every possible scenario – good or bad – that might  result from that worrying situation you haven’t quite found the solution to. The little negative guy in the back of your mind is being as depressingly downbeat as always. Then there is the get-up-and-go guy you like to project to the world who argues the positive side. The conversation goes on and on. Everyone does it even you…


Your market research must be so good that you can join the argument going on in your avatar’s – ideal client’s – mind. You must know him or her as well as you know your best friend. If you do, your product launch story will be zeroed in so well that your prospect will instantly recognize a kindred spirit and be open to what you have to say.


#4. Congruency With Your Big Idea

This is all about your product launch ‘body language’. You must feel truly aligned with your big idea. Everything about your pre-launch sequence must feel ‘right’ and be in keeping with your product or service. Even the language that you use has to be congruent with your prospect’s expectations.


If it’s not, their BS meter which is already cranked round to the red zone will set off alarm bells in their head “Something’s not quite right about this” they’ll say before leaving, never to return.



#5. Your Prospects Want To Know You Are Listening To Them


Be positive and acknowledge the questions and comments left on your pre-launch blog or Facebook business page. Your prospects want to feel recognized. Some of these questions may in fact be ‘buying objections’ in disguise. Acknowledge these and answer them by repeating the challenge that they face and then showing the benefits you can offer.


#6. They Want Proof


The more layers of proof that you can provide the better. Your prospects want to know that you are the real deal. That your product really does work. That other people just like them have been successful using it. That respected research from unimpeachable sources support your value proposition.


There are at least 21 different types of proof that you can use. Weave these into your product launch story and you’re golden.


Doing a product launch is not rocket science but there are a lot of moving parts that need to be synchronized.  Your prospects will forgive you almost anything as long as they know that you are being ‘real’ with them and that you genuinely understand their problems.


You don’t even have to have a ginormous list to make one work. On the contrary, a small list with whom you have a warm and friendly relationship and therefore which responds to your ‘calls to action’ is worth much much more.


Whether your business is online, offline or somewhere in between, no matter what niche or market segment, a product launch will transform your sales prospects without boosting your overheads.


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Rory Ramsden