The Secret of Winning Big With Product Launch Marketing

Product Launch

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Stacking one product launch on top of another allows you to refine, test and optimize as you go so that eventually you have a launch machine that you can almost leave to run on auto-pilot. Endless launches like this are the secret of winning big in terms of ROI and extracting the maximum value possible form each new customer.


The key is to start by developing a clear product marketing strategy with measurable goals. Making money is just one of the outcomes. Actually it’s a by product of doing a whole range of other things well. First you have to build a list of responsive prospects. Then give them what they really want in the way that they expect it to be delivered. Doing this will position you as a thought leader in your market.


Make positioning yourself like this your first priority because then your will become the trusted authority by default. This implies that people will turn to you for advice and respect what you say. It just a short step from there to attracting more and more prospects and making more sales at a higher price per unit than your competitors.


Boosting your ROI like this is pure gold especially when you have set up a series of product launch machines that essentially run by themselves. The secret then is to start small. Test, Refine. Optimize. Use the momentum of each product launch to build power into the next. Until you have the whole process tuned to such an extent that the CTR is through the roof.


There’s one thing that an joint venture partner loves more than anything and that is an offer that converts and can be proven to do so. So if you have a product launch planned in the next six months and you want a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate the structure and sequence, I’d be happy to do so. It will only cost you your time. It’s completely free…



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Rory Ramsden